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Nov 17, 2008 10:05 AM

Words About Texas Barbecue From the Masterful Pen of Calvin Trillin

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  1. Thanks for posting that scrumptiouschef! I believe Calvin Trillin is my favorite food writer, followed closely by MFK Fisher.

    1. Just came to post about this and see I got beaten to it.

      "A perfectly adequate child."

      The tears are still streaming down my cheeks.

      ETA: Came across the Trillin article online. Didn’t realize, until I just picked up the hard copy, that this is their annual food issue. It includes a biographical article on Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, an article by Fuchsia Dunlop, one about a master bladesmith . . . .Can’t wait to curl up with it.

      1. Is this heaven?

        No, its Texas barbecue via Calvin Trillin!

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        1. re: Phaedrus

          i first read about snow's in lolis elie's "smokestack lightening"-- one of the most wonderful and underrated food writing books i can think of. great, evocative photographs too.

          1. re: soupkitten

            I agree, soupkitten, that "Smokestack Lightening" is a marvelous book. But I have the first edition, published in 1996, and I don't think Snow's existed then. I'm quite certain it's not mentioned in my copy. Do you have a more recent, updated, edition? Did he add more material in later editions? Uh-oh. I may just have to go out an buy another copy.

            1. re: JoanN

              don't go out to buy a new SL-- i went home and checked my copy over the weekend-- huh. snow's is not there, i guess my total recall failed me. sorry to be flaky :)

              now i'm wondering: so then where the heck did i read about snow's, and i can practically see the B&W photo which accompanied the piece? doh! anyway, smokestack lightning is not by calvin trillin, but a great read for anybody who loves reading about BBQ :)

              1. re: soupkitten

                Happy Birthday to Calvin Trillin...73 years.I suggest celebrating by reading a few passages from your tattered copies of "American Fried".

        2. Thank you very much for posting this article. As l travel 9 months a year, l had to give up my New Yorker subscription. It is articles like this , and there are a lot of them, that make giving it up even more painful.