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Nov 17, 2008 09:56 AM

Pre-Made Turkey Day Dinner @AJ's- Phoenix

Due to time constraints i.e. read kids, family, life etc.. Am contemplating ordering a pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinner from AJ's. Has anyone had any experience with these types of meals from years past? We typically cook all our meals and love to cook the "big holiday" meals and experiment with seasonal ingredients etc.. however with a 20 month old, a 4 month old and the in-laws I just don't think I can face it this year. Any feedback would be great so we can prepare ourselves for what to expect.

Thanks in Advance and Happy Holidays.


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  1. We ordered the dinner from AJ's one year when my grandmother was out of town and she refused to let anyone else cook the dinner. Please don't tell her I said this but AJ's dinner was better than hers! AJ's knows what they're doing and although I don't know how much it cost everything was delicious, well cooked, and exactly to our specifications. I would go for it, especially with two babies in the house. They also gave us lots of options because there was 25 of us. For instance, they can carve the meat or leave the bird intact if you or your husband wants carve it as part of thanksgiving.

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      I ordered the Christmas Ham dinner from AJ's last year... it was superb.
      I brought everything home put it on my platters and followed the heating one knew and all praised the meal!
      I too have ordered the Thanksgiving Day Meal this year and for the $129 price tag it is well worth what you get and the time and energy it save cooking, shopping and preparing.
      Enjoy your Holiday!

    2. hate to be the downer, but we did AJs for Thanksgiving last year and thought it was terrible. infact, I'd like to think that my standards are foodie-appropriate but the in laws have taste where they sit, and even they found it subpar.

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        Was it one particular dish you didn't like, or was everything bad? I think we're going to do AJs as well....

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          dry turkey, the stuffing was like cement, and the gravy was mostly stock and flour. honestly, i don't think i was being picky, it tasted terrible. BUT, based on the above comments, it could just be a singular instance....

      2. Have had AJ's Thanksgiving dinner several times and it's always been excellent. Definitely recommended.

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          Thanks for all the feedback (good and bad). For better or worse I put my order in to AJ's. I will report back after Thansksgiving on how the meal went. Now if only I could wiggle my nose and the dishes would be done.......