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Nov 17, 2008 09:08 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Beaver Creek/Vail/Edwards

Has anyone eaten Thanksgiving Dinner at 1 of the restaurants in the area? I'm hoping to find a high quality meal, and not just a buffet. There are 5 of us, so I am definitely a little price conscious, but would be willing to pony up for a memorable meal.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Checkout Blueplate Bistro in the Christy Lodge (, Dish in Edwards ( or Avondale in the Avon Westin (, they are $41 for adults and $19 for kids under 12 for Thanksgiving meal.

    Blueplate will be the best price, followed by Dish. All 3 will be a better value than anything in Beaver Creek Village.

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    1. re: BlueOx

      Dish is not open Thanksgiving Day.
      BTW, this is my first post, altho I have gleaned much info from this site in the past. We have been going to the Vail area for about 17 years now and trying Dish for the first time next week, mainly based on rave reviews here. Will report back!

      1. re: hungrybehr

        Hungrybehr, when will you be at Dish? I'm thinking of hitting it up at some point next week.

        I concur with the Avondale rec if they're open (would expect so since it's in a hotel).

        1. re: RobynS

          Have reservations Tuesday night at 8pm.
          Sorry Juniper isn't open until Friday after Thanksgiving. We are leaving that day so will miss it this time. Great place.

          1. re: hungrybehr

            Well, I won't be up by then I don't think but enjoy! I looked at Avondale's menu for Thanksgiving and it looks great, I'd do that for Thanksgiving if we weren't eating with friends that night.

    2. Thanks for the tips, I will look into Blue Plate and Avondale!