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Nov 17, 2008 08:59 AM

Diabetic Friendly Birthday Lunch—Durham NC

Suggestions needed for a good place to order a diabetic friendly birthday lunch (including cake) for an office birthday party.

Our firm orders in lunch & cake for birthdays and usually the person whose birthday it is chooses where to order from, however our senior partner recently discovered that he was diabetic and doesn’t yet have a favorite place. Does anyone have suggestions for places that would be good for lunch & desert? We don’t have to get them from the same place.


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  1. Is he type 1 or 2? I ask b/c I am type 1 and can eat just about anything b/c I can take insulin to offset the carbs. Type 2's don't have that "luxury" and thus are pretty much restricted to a low fat, low carb diet. Salads, grilled chicken & vegetables, whole grain rolls, etc. are all good foods for him.

    I am unaware of any type of cake that would be "diabetic friendly". That said, in place of a cake why not order one of those fresh fruit arrangements. They aren't necessarily low carb, but a healthy alternative to cake and quite festive.

    Hope this helps!

    1. For good meats and veggies Smokey's Shack, very near RTP, is a great option for catering. Whoever you order from, tell them not to sneak sugar into the dishes one wouldn't expect to be sweetened. For dessert ideas call senior partner's partner or spouse - they probably know more about the diagnosis, limitations and favorites than you do - and would appreciate your thoughtfulness.

      What's your reg. no.?