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FISH TACOS - who has good ones in the Boston area?

My wife and I just returned from a trip to the west coast of Florida. There, I rekindled my love affair with fish tacos. You can find them at every level of dining - from high end Mexican to waterfront seafood dives. Almost without question, they're fabulous! One reason why - great fresh fish. So 'hounds, what's the lowdown on fish tacos in Boston?

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    1. I like the ones at El Pelon in the neighborhood behind Fenway Park. The fish always tastes fresh and it isn't greasy.

      1. Just had some nice Mahi Mahi tacos at The Cactus Club on Boylston Street.

        1. La Verdad on Lansdown Street adjacent to Fenway reportedly has among the best

          1. Just curious: are the fish tacos in Florida the same as in southern CA?

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              The ones that I had in Florida ranged from: blackened fish filets, rice, beans & red cabbage to barely cooked ahi tuna, Asian slaw & wild rice. For the money, the simple ones that I ate at waterfront fish joints were the best, made with fish caught that morning & cooked within hours. There's something amazing about the sweet taste of the fish and the crunch of raw cabbage, along with rice, beans and a great hot sauce!

            2. Not traditional (I don't think) but the tuna tacos at East Coast Grill are always fabulous.

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                Unfortunately, none of them make good ones here in Mass; and I am really addicted to these Baja-style fish tacos. When you're in Cali, drive by any of those rundown ghetto 24 hours "Abierto" places and get a fresh humongous one for $2.75 or drop by Rubio's on Tuesday for the 99cents ones. El Pelon is disappointing and the decent one at Ashmont Grill is steep at $10 buck :*(

              2. Angela's, in East Boston, has great fish tacos.

                1. Surprisingly, Green St has excellent ones. And, just found out from Dylan that Weds is now taco night at Green St, with tasty cheapie specials. ;)

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                    I thought the Green Street tacos were good as well, if not a bit overpriced - $21!!!

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                      Whoa, how many do you get for $21? And how large are they ( the tacos )?

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                        3 regular sized sized tacos (maybe 6 inch tortillas?). I felt somewhat gipped although they were yummy!

                  2. Picco in the South End has good fish tacos as does La verdad in Kenmore.