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Nov 17, 2008 08:02 AM

Nobu @Hard Rock? (Vegas) For an LA 'hound?

So guys, would a trip to Nobu be worth it for an LA hound? I love sushi, and the options near me are plentiful and great.

I've never been to a Nobu.

I also can't quite piece out how much a meal here would cost. Do they do a tasting menu OR omakase? Or are they used interchangeably on the web? How much is omakase here going to run?

I'd probably expect ~300 for 2 at a place like Nobu (without sake), let me know if I'm horribly off the mark.

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  1. I've been to the Nobu in Vegas and loved it. Of course I'm from Minnesota and it was my first true sushi experience, so at that time I thought it was especially off the charts. I've had many sushi meals since then, but none have been as good as Nobu.

    However, being from LA I can only assume that you're used to extremely good sushi and I'm wondering if the Vegas Nobu would really be anything that special to you. Isn't there a Nobu in LA by the way?

    I'm probably not much help since being a Minnesotan I probably don't even know what good sushi is, but I absolutely loved Nobu. I'm just guessing that LA has tons of places that are just as good though and you've probably tried them. I haven't been there myself but I've heard very good things about Okada at the Wynn and that's not a chain and you can't find it in LA, so maybe that might be another option.

    When I went there I had omakase and since it was my first time the chef tried to go a little easy on us. I'm sure it could have been much more, but it was $200 for two including 1 glass of cheap wine and 2 beers. Again, it could have been much more, but the chef didn't want to scare us since it was our first time, which was appreciated, but I wouldn't mind going back and trying some "better" stuff.

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      Thanks, that was quite helpful.

      A quick google search tells me that there is inded a Nobu in LA. I have alot of "heavy" restaurants on my Vegas to-do list, and I find Japanese food to hit the spot perfectly when I want something lighter.

      200 for 2 omakase is a freaking bargain. I've paid more for less (Omakase @SushiGen for LA heads)


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        have you been to matsuhisa in beverly hills ( if i'm not mistaken, the start of nobu's "empire" ) ? i enjoyed nobu at hard rock but i only ater there once. if you are willing to venture off the strip a little, you've got sen of japan ( ex-nobu chef ) or for some really good japanese "small plates" try ichiza or raku - all 3 are on spring mtn - ichiza is closest to the strip followed by raku then sen.

        happy eating

    2. I've lived in SF and have family/friends in LA. Now, I'm in Phx/scottsdale and I've been to Nobu at HRH maybe 12 times. Its still one of the best places in Vegas for Japanese/sushi. Yes, it is pretty darn expensive. If you can get past the $$$, its excellent.

      1. Are you staying at the Hard Rock anyway? (My favorite in Las Vegas, by the way -- on the small side comparatively even with the addition, good music and memorabilia rather than the usual glitzy crap, a young vibe, close to the airport.) I don't see it. Hit the original Matsuhisa on La Cienega and decide whether you want to check out the Nobu in Malibu. Shoot, go to Vegas from L.A. and make reservations at the branches of Spago, Chinois, and Cut. I say no -- use a trip to Vegas to sample branches of places that aren't available here or where you usually travel. Sample the chefs with outposts from Europe, New York, or even SF or Napa. If you need to eat at the Hard Rock, get the off-menu steak and eggs special in the cafe for $7.77.

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        1. re: nosh

          Thanks, sounds reasonable.

          No I have not been to any of the Nobu's in LA.

          I'll probably skip Nobu and go to one of the above recs by kjs (thanks kjs) if I'm really craving Japanese food.

          I'm staying @THE Hotel

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            If you want to break the bank with a one-of-a-kind experience....Bar Charlie at Restaurant Charlie, Palazzo.