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Nov 17, 2008 08:01 AM

Nice Saturday Lunch in Providence? Need Recs

I'm looking for a place to have a nice lunch on a Saturday after a visit to the RISD Art Museum. I've been to several restaurant web sites (Gracie's, Laiterie, New Rivers, Al Forno) and none of them appear to serve lunch.

Would be nice to be near the museum, but not a requirement.

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  1. Cafe Choklad serves up some tasty gourmet sandwiches in a nice atmosphere and right near RISD. Not sure if it is open for lunches still on Saturday.

    1. Venda Ravioli up on Federal Hill has a small restaurant inside the shop. White table clothes and table service. You can get a nice glass of wine and lunch there. Don't forget dessert they have excellent gelato and coffees. They can get get busy and you might have a small wait, however that would be one place I would try. The food is delish.

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        the Garden Grill is not quite in prov.,but its only a 10 minute drive does a great vegetarian Lunch.theres good bbq next door to the left,and really good indian to the right,both open for lunch on saturdays.

      2. mill's tavern. have to check if they serve lunch but the food, as well as the service is terrific

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          mill's tavern is great but is only open for dinner