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Nov 17, 2008 07:35 AM

TO BEST Chinese: $ is no object

My husband is entertaining clients from afar, and they want to go out for the city's best Chinese. Their expense account is probably larger then my annual salary, so truly, suggest the best.

They are visiting from a culture, where being doted on excessively is as important as eating the very best food.

Thanks for the reco's. They are staying downtown, and working uptown, if that makes a difference for your reco. And it will be for tomorrow (Tuesday) night

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  1. Lai Wah Heen (at Metropolitan Hotel downtown).

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    1. I would agree with Lai Wah Heen or Lai Toh Heen also owned by the same people, but uptown on Mount Pleasant just south of Eglinton. I think Lai Toh Heen is more of a WOW restaurant in terms of the look. Your company will be dazzled. Don't forget to order the flowering teas!

      1. I third estufarian's and farmgirl's suggestion of Lai Wah Heen (though I have not tried Lai Toh Heen). There is nothing else in the city that can compare with the service that you will receive there if you are paying big $$. I have not tried their dinners though, but their dim sum is top notch.


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          I had the tasting menu at Lai Toh Heen once. The food was very good, but some courses were quite heavy. A neighbouring table of ladies ordered the tasting menu as well, but made some special requests in Cantonese. Some of their items were the same as ours, but the others looked incredible and much more adventurous than what my table received. We were asked if there was anything we didn't want to eat. Perhaps the picky eater(s) were the reason our meal was a bit more tame, but my suggestion would be to inform the server that you're looking for an authentic Cantonese tasting menu experience and not to hold back. The service was excellent and everyone seemed happy there, whether they were eating the standard Chinese restaurant fare or the wild and wonderful items.

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            Thanks so much for the Lai Wah Heen recommendations. They went last night, and absolutely loved it. The food was great, and the service was impeccable!
            Great suggestion

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              Great to hear it was a success. Any comments on any standout dishes in particular?

        2. In my humble opinion, Lai Wah Heen, Lai Toh Heen and Casa Imperiale and all fab! And v. expensive. Lai Toh is currently running an Aussie and Japanese Waygu/Kobe been special. Yum!