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Nov 17, 2008 07:12 AM

Top 10 Bars for Beer Snobs

Interesting article in this week's NY Observer on beer snob bars (mostly) in Manhattan. I know most, but not all of them.

I was particularly intrigued by the sound of the food at Spotted Pig (314 W11 st), Spitzer's Corner (101 Rivington) and Jimmy's No. 43 (43 E 7th). Any other reports on these places, or comments on the beer-worthiness of the other eight?

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  1. Spitzer's Corner has a burger that is non-traditional but quite good.

    Jimmy's is good but their chef left a while back for Pegu Club, haven't been back since.

    1. D.b.a is a great spot for any variety you crave - TONS on tap and in bottles, and covers a lot of regions...also has a great back patio with Adirondack chairs! Hopefully they've put in heaters!

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        1. re: evfoodie

          yep, the back patio is heated, and it's a great spot to hang out. quieter, less crowded, and brighter than the bar area.

        2. I love number #9 Barcade, but in W'burg, I prefer Mugs Alehouse which I think has more rotating taps, two casks, and decent well-priced pub food. They also have an excellent bottle selection. Beer prices are slightly better in some cases as well. Number #4 Spuyten Duyvil is great, but you're definitely coming out of there a lot lighter in the wallet- though you'll be enlightened if you have chosen right.

          A sort of American craft beer version of S.D. is the nearby Lenora's Way (formally Wells & Ales). They have a short tap list and a long bottle list of American stuff. Good artisnal meats/ cheeses, olives, and even panini. No TV either. Nearby, is the Radegast Biergarten. They have a decent- non-glamorous- selection of Euro stuff on tap as well as a grilled sausage thing going on. Number #3 on the list, d.b.a, is actually opening a W'burg location soon- supposedly more upscale and food oriented. And now I read that both Brooklyn Brewery and Sixpoint are trying to brew more in the neighborhood. Williamsburg is for beer lovers like no other 'hood.

          In Manhattan, I like the newcomer Rattle N' Hum, which is in the vicinity of Ginger Man, but more down to earth. It's one to watch for beer. Not sure about the food situation. I also like Zum Schnieder for good German brews on tap. Haven't had the food, but it looks hearty. East Village Tavern and Hop Devil Grill are couple of other places I'm interested in for beer selection. Apparently, the bar at Grammercy Tavern is also supposed to have a good selection.

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          1. re: Silverjay

            i'd be happy to never go back to radegast, but i really like lenora's way, and i was pleasantly surprised by the brooklyn ale house. it's become a favorite of mine. no food, but two cask ales and a good tap selection plus whiskey/bourbon. a very solid, no-bullshit neighborhood bar with fair prices. also worth checking out is the diamond bar, on franklin st in greenpoint. very beer-geeky.

            1. re: Silverjay

              Hop Devil closed, unfortunately, but Copperfield's at 75th & York is owned by the same folks. Great beer selection, great wings, great salads, but hit-or-miss burgers.

              1. re: Stella_Blue

                Oh no! is that right? The Hop Devil has closed? Last time we came to NY that was my favourite bar and I was very much looking forward to visiting again in March! This articles got a few places to add to my rather long list!

              2. re: Silverjay

                rattle n' hum has some serious craft beers from all over the country. plus some cask beers. a very good place in midtown.

              3. I'm a big fan of Spuyten Duyvil out in Williamsburg. Great selection of belgian beers but the quality of specific beer recs depends who's working the bar.

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                1. re: a_and_w

                  Yeah, the writer was relatively hip, but failed to grok that mega serious beer geeks definitely place spuyten Duyvil at a different level. They have by far the most well-chosen, super-esoteric offerings of any place in town. As for beer recommendations, it's like music. Tips are only useful from kindred spirits. As with music, you'd do best by asking for specific tips within narrow genres (e.g. "give me something like XX only better").

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    A great analogy and an even better ordering strategy!

                2. The food at the Spotted Pig is really terrific, and the space is great, but it is uber-trendy and popular so you always have to wait. But the bar is pretty big to wait at and serves good British pub beers that are hard to find in other places, like Old Speckled Hen.

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                  1. re: chowbeth

                    For those who do want to try it, I've had good luck for week day lunches - no wait.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Do they do beer pairings with the food?

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        Not that I know of, but I pretty much always drink wine rather than beer.

                    2. re: chowbeth

                      I will second the food at the spotted pig being really excelent and without doubt the beers are great to. I have left this place a little groggy a number of times after spending a little to long drinking and not enough time eating! Its a very busy place but worth wait when you have to.

                      1. re: chowbeth

                        had two very good cask beers there last weekend - a wheat and a bitter. did not have time to stay and eat, but the food looked very good. will be back.