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Nov 17, 2008 06:53 AM

"The Exact Opposite of Thanksgiving" ?

So, my husband says this weekend, we have to go out for "the exact Opposite Of Thanksgiving".

Here are ways we have thought we could figure out just what that is.

1. Someone else MUST cook (I do Thanksgiving all from scratch)

2. It can't be a typical American Thanksgiving or close kind of meal. So, it could be breakfast, or exotic food, or hamburgers, or something.

3. It should not be super expensive.

4. It has to be lighter than thanksgiving, at least in flavor.

5. Perhaps it should be from a people who are known for being bitter, or resentful, or do not like Americans all that much

6. Or it could be Native American or English (you know, escape English and ruin the life of a tribe is sort of what Pilgrims did.

So, we have thought of a few things:

Breakfast from a diner


Chinese of some sort

Cheap sushi or izakaya

Israeli food

Korean (not bbq, cause you gotta do it yourself)


Afghani Food

Muslim food (combine two and find Chinese Islamic)

Russian Food

Ethiopian Food

Indian food.

Any more ideas?

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  1. You could do tapas, mezza or small plates!

    1. oysters and a glass of wine at Anisette?

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      1. re: bad nono

        Good thought, but I have a shellfish allergy! I went to Anisette once, right after it opened. IT wasn't too impressive. Sooo tight, and such poor service. And lots of salt. Good alcoholic beverages, though.

        1. re: Depage

          If you've never been this might be a good opportunity to dine at Yong Su San. This is a multi-course Korean menu that is more Northern Korean food. They have various menu's that increase in price that offer more dishes and "fancier" types of food, but none of their choices are that much, (ranging from around $20 pp up to around $40 pp). The location is the old Korean Gardens where my wife and I used to do Thanksgiving dinner together before we started our own family.

          YongSuSan Restaurant
          950 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

          1. re: Servorg

            I second this place. It's a unique experience that is different from traditional Korean bbq. I had foods I had never had before (and I'm Korean.) All the courses were delicious. We got the most expensive menu and didn't regret it.

          2. re: Depage

            some cheese and charcuterie then? You could try Comme Ca or Palate? I love Anisette myself actually, and you gave me a good idea for Turkey Day.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. A friend of ours in Nashville used to throw an Anti-Turkeyday party every year on the day after. Menu was basically hot dogs, potato chips, coleslaw and beer. Anyone showing up with leftovers was roundly abused. Now that we're doing TWO TGs in a row every year, one in Pasadena with Mrs. O's family, the next down in San Diego with my niece and hers, I keep remembering those hot dogs, just a bit wistfully...

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            1. re: Will Owen

              hmm, a good thought. Where are good hot dog, sausage places?

              1. re: Depage

                MMM, sausages.
                Alpine Village is about as Anti TG as I can think of. And delicious

                Alpine Village Market
                833 Torrance Blvd Ste 1A, Torrance, CA 90502

            2. i'd add al noor to the list.
              the food is great, but nothing at all like american/european food
              the place is not festive
              the prices are cheap
              the food is great.
              the food is FLAVORFUL (as opposed to roast turkey)