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Nov 17, 2008 06:19 AM

Martini bar in South Boston near Broadway T Station?

Does anyone have any info about the new bar near Broadway T Station? It looks set to open soon, there is a sign outside that is just a picture of a martini glass. I believe it is on Dorchester and 4th.

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  1. Is it on the bottom floor of one of the new developments? or is it the old Six House on Broadway where the person was killed last year?

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    1. re: mkel34

      The 6 House is still there, no?

      Good for the Franklin.

      A martini bar would be a bit of jarring gentrification for that little piece of the world.

    2. I noticed that this morning also. This is the in the bottom of the Allele building. Wasn't the new Franklin Cafe supposed to be going in here? Haven't heard any additional info over the last month or so, but it looks like it is getting close to completion inside - bar was set up and stocked, tables were out, etc.

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      1. The Franklin Cafe has opened in that space, and the 6 House has just closed and reopened under "new management" according to the sign outside... it is now called Slainte.