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Nov 17, 2008 06:17 AM

German Restaurants in San Antonio Area

Does anyone here know of any good german restaurants in the San
Antonio and New Braunfels area? My sister and her fiance are coming for
Thanksgiving and he likes german food, so was wondering were around here to go.

If i lived in Milwaukee instead of Schertz, would have no problems finding a place like Mader's and several others. But here, the only place I have been to is Oma's Haus in New Braunfels which was okay, according to my dad, but he felt couldn't hold a candle to Milwaukee's restaurants.Since he was german, and ate it growing up, he knew the good stuff, since his mother had a repuation as an excellent cook.

I know a family from Germany bought the old Krause's Cafe on Castell in New Braunfels and run a german restaurant there, but can't recall the name of the place.It is behind the antique store. Maybe some one knows the place, and can tell me if they have eaten there, and if so,what did you think.

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  1. There is a good one (can't remember the name) in Fredericksburg. I have eaten there a couple of times over the past decade, but the name escapes me right now.

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    1. Well, there are some German-style items on the menu at Schilo's, including braunschweiger and a pretty decent split pea soup.

      1. The restaurant in NB is Friesenhaus. I haven't tried it, but know many who have and really like it. There's also Oma's Haus here in town. I have eaten there, but can't recommend it.

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          Thank you both. We can try Schilo's Deli and the Friesenhaus.Yeah Oma's isn't that great.Well since we may go to New Braunfels, we can try Friesenhaus.You would think with all the germans around here, there would be more places,but there's not.

        2. I can highly recommend the Welfare Cafe in Welfare, Texas. Kind of a drive, but well worth it. Menu is not limited to German food, so there is something for everyone. The German food, however, is fantastic. Very quaint setting as well - old home converted into a restaurant.