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Smoked fish in Orlando???

Looking for ANY place in Orlando where I can get some good smoked fish. Looking for Nova Lox, whitefish salad, chopped herring, pickled herring (or in sour cream & onions), stuff like that.

And please don’t say Toojays. While I understand some people like it, coming from a part of the country with real Jewish deli’s, Toojays just continues to disappoint.

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  1. bagel king - not sure on Amira's - also try the publix in Longwood on 434 and Montgomery

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      Yea, I looked at Amira's and didn't see much other then chopped liver. Thanks though, I'll try to look up Bagel King.

      1. re: Corporate_40

        The pickin's are slim. Amira has decent stuff, but you have to order it. You can't just waltz in and buy it like at Zabars. Other than that, TooJays and Bagel King are all I've ever come across--and I've looked. I'm from New York, and I have literally stopped having brunch, which used to be my favorite way to entertain. If you think the appetizing selections are scarce, just wait until you try to find a bagel to go with the fish.

        1. re: Rona Gindin

          I think Bagel King has excellent bagels, keeping in mind we're in Central Florida, not New York. That said, I've had Ess-A-Bagel in Manhattan, and of course they have the superior (perhaps perfect) bagels. But that shouldn't come as any surprise, no more than the fact that Katz's Deli is better than Toojay's.

          As for smoked fish sources, I'd be grateful for any better sources around here too!

    2. Houston's smoked salmon appetizer is delicious... Hot Olives in Winter Park does a smoked salmon wrap with caviar and creme fraiche that is outstanding.

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        The Fosty Mug in Mt Dora is an Icelandic place. They have pickled herring and gravlox on the menu. sometimes they feature smoked salmon and haddock as specials. They serve the fish with pumpernickle bread, hard boiled eggs , green olives and a dill sauce.


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          I love Scandinavian smoked fish. I've been by the Frosty Mug plenty of times, but have never tried it. I think I'm going to make a point of it next time I'm in Mt. Dora...

      2. Whole foods and Fresh Market carry Smoked Salmon. If memory serves, FM in Altamonte Springs had several "Jewish" delicacies displayed prominently around the major holidays.

        Might also want to check with Petty's (Longwood) and Cavallari's (Oveido).

        Good luck....I keep trying to find Smoked Bluefish, while it's very commonplace in MD....not so much outside of MD and VA...

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          The Whole Foods on Sand Lake does have several kinds of smoked salmon. I'm not sure if they've got the standard New York fare though, or if they know how to slice it correctly. And I don't recall seeing whitefish, chubs, sable, etc. I'll take a look next time I'm in there.

        2. I'm from Philly too. When I was up in the summer Jacks (Bustleton Avenue) and
          Ben and Irv's (Huntingdon Valley) both told me they would Fed Ex anything except
          for Chopped Liver. I've stopped looking for deli in Orlando or good cheesesteaks
          anywhere in Florida.
          I buy whitefish salad at TooJay's, bagels at Einstein's and close my eyes and
          dream of Philadelphia.

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            OMG, I would love to have a Jacks down here. I was back in Philly a few weekends ago, had a great Nova platter with a side of whitefish at Famous Deli (4th and Bainbridge).

            So good!!!

            1. re: solivitateacher

              I grew up on Jack's on Sundays until we moved down here. I've yet to find anything half as good as those memories.

            2. Finally made it back to the new Whole Foods on Turkey Lake yesterday, and the news isn't good. The store had a bunch of packaged smoked salmons--all tempting, but none nova or lox. I also saw three old-looking half-whitefishes wrapped in plastic in a cooler. And that's it. No brunch for me ... .

              1. Anybody interested in opening a store? I just got back from Miami...filled up on Sable and Nova. Maybe we could talk about how to go about it?

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                  Just heard of this place and haven't tried it yet. Just so you know, I am used to my local Appetizing store in the Bronx, Zabar's and Russ & Daughters, NYC, and Miami various places. Unlikely as it sounds, I'll try it and pass it on.

                  Butch's Italian Delights
                  352-742-7030 | Send Directions
                  219 E Burleigh Blvd Tavares, FL 32778

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                  BooRah - Arielle
                  Apr 13 08
                  It has great subs , fabulous salads , New York bagels, nova, and whitefish salad.

                2. Any updates to smoked fish in Orlando. Just got the menu from Bagel King in Casselberry and they don't have lox or anything. Only thing on the menu is whitefish salad.

                  I'm starting to lose all hope.

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                    Well, its a bit of a drive, but I just picked up some delicious smoked mullet (its a white fish) in Homosassa Springs on the west coast of FL -- near Crystal River - at a little smokehouse on the side of the road that also smoked ribs and chicken. If interested, I'll look up the name and exact location.....

                    1. re: bcodom

                      Is that the place down near the post office?

                      1. re: johnhicks

                        As you're headed towards the river, it's on the left on Halls River Road around the area where the school is -- I'm not sure where the PO is -- this place isn't far from the river.

                    2. re: Corporate_40

                      They do have lox at Bagel King; I can vouch for it because I've had it there.

                      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                        Its odd b/c its not on their regular menu, but is on their catering menu. I emailed them a bunch of questions yesterday, so we'll see if I get a response.

                    3. I hate to remind you of a fact of life - this is Central Florida. Toojay's is not a NY deli, Pablo's is not a Miami Cuban restaurant , Publix is not Zabars, ___________ is not __________(fill in any local, ethnic food you are used to back home. )

                      We manage, we compromise, we make it ourselves or we wait until we go back home to visit to stuff ourselves.

                      I have to laugh when I see posters looking for a "good Ethiopian Bakery" in Charlotte. Think like the Euopeans - eat local and you'll be eating well.

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                      1. re: eimac

                        I hear ya. But its just hard to believe that per Florida census, there are over 35,000 jews living in the Orlando area, and there's not one decent place to get some smoked fish, lol.

                        1. re: Corporate_40

                          I'm one of the 35,000 and I don't find it a hardship at all. When I visit my mother in Delray Beach, ( and I'm sure there are 35.000 just on her block) I hear her NYC neighbors complaining that there isn't a decent deli there either.
                          There's no place like home.

                      2. Just wanted to check back into this older thread to confirm we've found a new source for smoked fish in Orlando: the International Market and Deli at 815 N. Mills Avenue, near Colonial Drive and downtown Orlando.

                        The OP, Corporate_40, checked in on the thread where I first mentioned it: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/680653 , but here's a heads-up for everyone else!

                        1. BJ's has packaged Nova lox, smoked Scottish salmon and smoked whitefish.
                          Not bad to enjoy at home.

                          1. You can get smoked salmon at IKEA. They also every once-and-a-while have smörgåsbord/buffet events where they serve traditional Swedish food.

                            I went to the Midsommar Smörgåsbord last weekend and they had pickled herring, gravlax, and a few other fish dishes. Unfortunately, they don't serve a lot of those items during most of the year. I have a pic of all the fish they served at the Midsommar if you are interested: http://www.flickr.com/photos/superdea...

                            I also just recently heard about the SwedeDish food truck (http://www.swededishfoodtruck.com/), but I haven't been able to try it yet.

                            1. No place can provide the "tam" of a NYC deli! Toojays is a haven for those of us living in the Villages craving some yiddeshe geshmack! Excellent lox and delicious chopped liver.
                              Ah maichel in baichel!