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Nov 17, 2008 05:59 AM


Does anyone know where I can buy sobrasada in NYC? Manhattan preferred but I am willing to travel a bit for it!

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  1. Good grief, did you mean Sopressata? If so, any Italian market or any chain Supermarket.

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    1. re: Mike V

      I think he means "Sobrasada"--as in the Mallorcan version, not the Italian, the difference being night and day.

      1. re: lightstays

        And it is available and delicious at Despana.

    2. If you do mean sopressata, I used to get great sandwiches with sopressata, mortadella, provelone, whatever you wanted at an Italian deli in Astoria. They also have lots of imported Italian food products in the shop. It's called Rosario's and it's just as you get off the train at Ditmars Blvd. I'm sure you can find it closer, but it was reasonably priced and would be worth a trip. There is a good Italian bakery across the street.

      1. try looking in dipalo on grand/mott in little italy...also alleva, a few stores west of there, also on grand street...