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Nov 17, 2008 05:15 AM

Restaurant "A" (with the crockpots and toaster ovens)

This restaurant was at 947 Columbus Ave, and they did all cooking in a tiny nook with crockpots and toaster ovens. Is it still there, still primitive, and still real good?

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  1. I think it moved up a bit -- Columbus and 108th (973 I think is the number now). But I haven't been to that location so can't comment. I hope you get other responses.

    1. I've been to cAfé (it's current name) precisely once, more than a year ago...

      ...and it still had that hardscrabble look, though I recall that the kitchen area was now partially hidden by something like a shoji screen. A wine lover and BYO aficionado who's been there several times since continues to praise it.