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Nov 17, 2008 03:52 AM

wood-fired pizza

Any delicious wood-fired pizzas in the Connecticut-Rhode Island-SE Mass area? I know of wood grilled pizza places (Providence), but was looking for a place with wood-fired oven pizza.

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  1. In Hartford Connecticut is the historic First and Last Tavern. They've been operating the same oven since 1936. The pizza is out of this world. It's considered "New Haven" Style pizza and it's phenomenal.

    1. Verona Pizza in Soutington, CT. Very few wood fired ovens I know of, and would recommend...a few boutique places with trendy fru-fru pies....Many of the traditional places use coal

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      1. re: BiscuitBoy

        Thanks. Coal is good too. Anyone know of places in the greater Providence area?

        1. re: susanct

          For wood-fired pizza in Providence, go to Via Via off of Thayer. I know it looks like an awful chain restaurant, but they actually make a terrific slice.

      2. New place in CT on the RI line in Pawcatuck CT called "Appizo" is getting good reviews. It is in the old office supply store which has been completely renovated. Just opened in Dec 08. I supply the wood for the oven.

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          Out of curiosity what kind of wood does one use in a wood fired pizza oven?

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            We love The Place in Westerly RI. Apizzo, in my opinion, has not proven itself yet.

            1. re: Alica

              And Apizzo never will prove itself, because it went out of business several months ago.
              Good riddance to overpriced mediocrity.

              1. re: Joltingjoey

                I saw that! Someone said that the owners of Apizzo also own the new pizza place in Mystic Village. Do you know if that is true? Has anyone been there yet, I think it is called Mangoes or something like that.

                59 W Broad St, Pawcatuck, CT 06379

                1. re: Alica

                  It is the same owners as Apizzo, I haven't been and haven't heard anything about it...

                  59 W Broad St, Pawcatuck, CT 06379

                  1. re: aareri

                    There is only 1 owner of Mango's, a local Mystic guy. The other guy from Apizzo is not associated. Mango's pizza is excellent, I have ordered it for take out and have had it there numerous times.
                    And the place itself is very cool. Best pie around by far in the Mystic area.

                    1. re: sarahgerb

                      Oh thanks! I look forward to trying it!

                      1. re: sarahgerb

                        I had lunch at Mango's today! The crust was underdone, but the toppings were tasty. My "Cindy salad" was wonderful. I far prefer Pizzetta, in downtown Mystic. Always a perfect pizza!

                        7 Water St Ste 1, Mystic, CT 06355

              2. re: danieljdwyer

                Most use kiln dried hardwood, mostly oak.

            2. Newly opened Stanziato's Wood Fired Pizza in Danbury, CT. Owned by a CIA trained chef who uses local ingredients. My friend says they have a "serious" wood burning oven from Italy. Haven't been myself but look foward to trying it...!


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                Al forno was the original,and i think its still the best.yeah its alittle costly,but its all top quality,great crust,etc..

                1. re: im hungry

                  Just a clarification: Al Forno invented grilled pizza, which is cooked on an open grill, not in an oven. Haven't been there in many years, but their pizzas are great.

                2. re: gnocchi22

                  Just tried this place yesterday for lunch (They have a GREAT lunch deal - $7 pies and $11 for a pie and a salad). I will say this - they definitely use awesome, fresh ingredients and the overall impression I have is good, but our order got a little messed up, so that was disappointing. My "white pie" (advertised on their website as being made with no red sauce) actually had some red sauce on it. Not a lot, but enough to, in my opinion, overpower the ingredients I really wanted to taste (Mozzarella / Cherry Tomatoes / Garlic / Local Bacon / Roasted Onions / Parmigiano) and made it "heavier" than I wanted. Sure, there are times when I want red sauce on my pizza, but this was not one of them. We'll have to give it another try and see if I can get over this small disappointment. I just think that if you SAY it's made without red sauce, you shouldn't put any on... call me crazy! ;-)

                  Crust was good and unique, but I have to say I still prefer Carminuccio's in Newtown. Theirs is thinner and crisper, compared to Stanziato's chewier version. But Stanziato's is closer to home - and that lunch deal is unbeatable!

                3. Pyzzz in Putnam is pretty good.

                  8 Harris St, Putnam, CT 06260

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                        1. re: Sean

                          I meant Pyzzz.

                          8 Harris St, Putnam, CT 06260