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Nov 17, 2008 02:48 AM

Olive Oil.

I need an organic olive oil that is not extra virgin. Preferably in Dallas. Anyone know of any good ones. I need it for cooking so It has to be able to withstand a little more heat that an extra virgin can. thanks

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  1. If I may ask, what is your reason for requiring organic? I often buy organic, but find that great tasting olive oil is much easier to find in non-organic varieties. I find the most highly available organic oils are often not very good.

    That said, McEvoy Ranch is very good:

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      My diet has been around 95% organic for the last 10 years. I think after a while one just goes on auto-pilot and you won't even consider a product unless it's organic. I also like reading simple ingredients on a label like sugar and salt- not high fructose corn syrup and sodium nitrate.I want an organic oil because I plan on using it very often and I don't want to ingest any pesticide residue. The flavor is not so important with a cooking oil.

      1. re: stricken

        I was just going to say the flavour isn't very important. I heard that some nut oils, like ground nut oil, or... there was another one I can't remember, but they have a uch higher smoking point than olive oil, so you don't get the acrid taste of burnt oil.

        Might be worth a look if you're feeling experimental.

        1. re: stricken

          I just noticed that you didn't need extra-virgin. My mistake. Well, If you do, the McEvoy Ranch is organic, and tasty...just expensive.

          If you're just cooking with it, just use the store brand. You aren't going to be able to differentiate much of a difference in flavor. If higher heat is to be used, use "light" o/o. Grapeseed is a good alternative, and so is canola (rapeseed) oil, but it's technically genetically engineered. Well, initially it was developed using conventional plant breeding, but in the late 90's gene splicing was used, so I wouldn't chance it if you aren't interested in genetically modified foods.

          1. re: madgreek

            I totally forgot about grapeseed oil. thanks

      2. The Whole Food near me (I'm in the Boston area) has orgainic olive oil from Italy , I think it's called "bioventura",. I believe it's extra virgin, but they may have others as well.

        1. Did you try Whole Foods or Central Market??

          1. I think you might be confused. you should be looking for an "Extra Virgin" Olive oil; not a lower grade oil. The lower the Free Fatty Acid the higher the smoke point. Only true extra virgin grades have acidity levels below .08 so they are the best olive oils to cook with. If you are worried about the smoke point then mix canola or vegetable oil with the extra virgin olive oil like restaurants do (80 /20 blend?) .

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