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Nov 17, 2008 01:57 AM

7 days in Malaga

Will be in Malaga for 7 days from this Thursday and I'm always open to hear suggestions from others who have been there before me. I'm well traveled in Spain, and have been to Andalusia before (Seville and Granada), but never to Malaga. I'd love to hear not only restaurant suggestions, but good shops for foodstuffs, wines, and kitchen gear. Thanks!

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  1. We spent a month in Nerja this past Spring and made many trips to Malaga, which I think is underrated both as a city and as a food destination. The quality of the seafood there was absolutely impeccable and the prices substantially lower than any other major city we've been to in Spain, probably because it's off the beaten tourist track.

    I would have a hard time giving you names of specific places but I don't think you can go wrong just dropping into any of the little traditional tapas places off the main pedestrian street in the old part of town. There is also a superb helado place on the main street, but again, I can't remember the name of it. One of the best meals we ate was at a little neighborhood diner adjacent to the football stadium. Four of us feasted on an incredible variety of wonderfully fresh fried fish for a total (with beer and wine) of about 40 euros.

    And Malaga has what I consider to be the best fruit, vegetable, meat and fish mercato in Spain. (I prefer it to the ones in Barcelona because the choices are almost as great, especially the seafood, and the prices are about half or less what you pay at the Boqueria or Santa Caterina). It is located in the old town, just across the river (or should I say riverbed?) from the Corte Ingles.

    If you have a car, take a 40-minute drive to the delightful mountain town of Comares and eat at the Mulino de Abuelos, located near the Ayuntamiento. Good, if somewhat non-traditional, food, incredible views and a very relaxing atmosphere.

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      Muchos gracias! I'm so excited to be back in Spain, I love it for it's laid-back atmosphere and honest food.