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Nov 16, 2008 10:11 PM


In almost any town in the South you can find a tamale stand, but none around the Pensacola. Fl area. I've been craving the real deal and these are probably on every corner in the Dallas Area. We'll be staying in Plano and would like to bring some back home and need to find some really good ones by the dozen. Nothing gourmet, just good old tamales. I used to get them a couple of years back in Houston for about $7-9/Dz. Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Tamales on every corner? I wish! If you can't find a Mexican native working in your hotel who is selling tamales (those are hands down the best), then you should check out Dallas Tortilla and Tamale factory (clever name). They have a few locations around north and east Dallas.

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      Thanks for the info. I'm shocked that tamales are not in abundance in the DFW area. Will try asking at the front desk about the Mexican natives.

    2. It's a bit of a schlep from Plano, but I think La Popular makes the best tamales around (SWC Munger and Columbia). More convenient for you would be Central Market tamales. Folks on this board say they're very good.

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        I'll second the recommendation for La Popular...they are the real deal..........

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          I third the recommendation for La Popular. They tend to do an extremely brisk business around Christmas, so you might need to order in advance - this probably applies to many tamale places. I usually call La Popular a few days in advance and reserve mine. The green sauce is killer.

          Also, it sounds wacky, but Central Market grocery stores have pretty good tamales. I forget who their supplier is, but supposedly it's some place held fairly high in Chowhound esteem.

      2. Plano Tortilla Factory aka Aparicios would be the most convenient. Personally I like the ones at Escondidos down by Parkland. You would have to call ahead, and it is quite a trek. You might go by Aparicio's, eat some, and see what you think.


        1. La Popular Tamales
          5004 Columbia at Munger
          Dallas, TX 75214
          $10/Dozen, pork (no beans) is my favorite

          1. I personally love Central Market's tamales. Dallas Tortilla & Tamale Factory's are pretty good, too.