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Nov 16, 2008 09:31 PM

Miso Monkfish?

I love miso cod, but it's hard to get black cod around here. Do you think monkfish tail is a good substitution? Should I use red or white miso paste (along with mirin) in the marinade, and how long should I go about cooking it?

Any tips would be much appreciated...thanks.

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  1. yes use the monkfish. It will work with whatever miso you like. There are too many variables to say how long to cook it. How big is the fish? How hot is your oven? Are you pan searing it first? Or maybe grilling. Do you live at altitude? One of the biggest mistakes home cooks make is to be a slave to the timer. Cook the fish until it is firm and cooked through. That is how professionals do it. Marinading it in mirin is a fine idea. Be careful because mirin has a ton of sugar in it and if you try to sear the fish in a pan that is too hot the mirin will burn.

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      thanks very much! i will use a stovetop grill pan then so i can monitor it better than if it were in the oven. and thanks for the heads up about mirin's high sugar content...will try it on a medium heat.