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Nov 16, 2008 09:02 PM

Petite Madeline Bakery, Oceanside (North SD County)

I've been making regular stops by this bakery for coffee and breakfast pastries over the past few months and have been meaning to describe it on Chowhound, but never got around to it. Looks like the North County Times has made my work a little easier:

Petite Madeline Bakery
3776 Mission Ave., Suite 137 (in the Stater Bros. plaza near Starbucks/Verizon

It's so nice to have an establishment like this in North Oceanside!

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  1. yum

    sounds fun

    I'll check it out.

    Thanks srk

    1. I work across the street. The bakery is very impressive. However, they really aren't set up to sell coffee drinks. Two of us went and it took about 5-6 minutes to get an espresso and a latte. We were lucky no one was there in line.

      1. Might anyone compare their bread to elsewhere in SD? I had Con Pane and also one of the Farmers Market bread stands(not Bread and Cie). Not surprisingly, nothing great compared to the top culinary cities but I was surprised that the crust was quite good. Flavor is lacking around town, however.

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        1. Hey! We checked it out today.

          We had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, almost a muffin-like consistency, very good, not too sweet.

          An everyday bun - cinnamon & sugar wrapped up in a light pastry - yum

          a loaf of carmelized onion & walnut sourdough bread - still warm from the oven - delicious

          We will go back. I met the owner Christine & her brother Peter, very nice people.

          I am always happy to support locally owned, independent businesses. :)

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            1. re: srk

              Oh Im next and will be back soon with some reviews since it's only about 3 miles away. That's1st reason, 2nd is next nearest decent place is Elizabethan deserts but their service and attitude is the female version of bronx pizza if you catch my drift.

              1. re: zoey67

                "...but their service and attitude is the female version of bronx pizza if you catch my drift."


          1. Does anyone know if they did pies for Thanksgiving? If they did, I'm wondering if they will do them for Christmas as well.

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            1. re: Juji

              I talked to Peter on Saturday. He said they were open until about 1 or 2PM on Thanksgiving with orders for cakes and special loaves of bread. I don't know their plans for Christmas, but they're a pretty friendly bunch if you want to call (the number's in the NC Times article from the original post) or drop by to find out.

              1. re: srk

                Thank you! We will definitely call and regardless of the pie situation, will be picking up some goodies for Christmas brunch. Do the pastries/breads keep well for a day if we pick things up on Christmas Eve day?

                1. re: Juji

                  Hmmm... maybe one of the other patrons could comment on that. I've only ever bought a pastry at a time which I always consume immediately!