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Nov 16, 2008 08:32 PM


Coming from out of town for a meal at Vetri. What on the menu will best showcase chef's talents?

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  1. The tasting menu is the best way to experience Vetri! You can also add a glass of wine to each course. It is worth the money. Enjoy

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    1. re: BRI328

      Agreed. BUT if you can't/don't want to swing the tasting menu, here's what I'd order off the current menu:

      foie pastrami,
      spinach gnocchi,
      sweet onion crepe,
      almond tortellini,
      cauliflower flan with egg yolk,
      any of the pastas,
      guinea hen,

      but visit the menu and pick what sounds best to you. you probably can't go wrong.

    2. The veal cooked on the stone was amazing at my last visit!

      1. If your reservation is for a Saturday night, the only option is the tasting menu.

        Otherwise, all of the recommendations listed so far are winners (especially the spinach gnocchi and the veal on a stone). I would also add the warm salad appetizer and, if it is offered, the chocolate polenta souffle for dessert.

        Enjoy and report back!!

        1. The tasting menu it is then but what's the difference between the tasting and the grand tasting menu? Number of courses probably, huh?

          Will report back, thanks for the recs, hounds.....

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          1. re: eder

            yes, there are two options for number of courses, I want to say 7 and 9 but I may be wrong. Go for the wine pairing as well if you can. They do a great job and you'll never find a bottle that will go with everything! They will present you with a menu and if there is anything you don't eat you can ask for it to be omitted (there are more options than courses). You can also say you'd really like to try something

            1. re: Bigley9

              I would second the rec for the wine pairing. For me, it made the tasting menu that much more spectacular.

              1. re: urbanfabric

                How much does the wine pairing add to the meal? I was originally thinking of ordering a bottle of white and a bottle of red for the entirety of the tasting. Would I be wrong or is the sommelier that spectacular with his pairings?

                And another do folks dress at a place like Vetri? Phlly isn't a tie and jacket town is it? Please excuse my out of towner ignorance for things Philadelphian.

                1. re: eder

                  Could you describe the veal on stone, is it served on stone, baked on stone, what cut of veal is it and does it have a sauce. thanks

                  1. re: mombaker247

                    I believe the veal is a tenderloin or similar cut. It has been seasoned (marinated?) and the outside is seared when it arrives at your table and it is sliced into medalions. The stone it is on is extremely hot and the veal is quite rare when it arrives. You turn it gently on the stone until it is your optimal level of doneness. I don't recall any sauce, it did have trumpet mushrooms. I do know that describing it to you is making me salivate, it was so good

                  2. re: eder

                    The sommelier is wonderful. If you are lucky it will be Jeff Benjamin, who co-owns Vetri and Osteria with Marc Vetri. Otherwise it will be a younger man whose name escapes me right now who has studied with Jeff for many years. The wine pairing vs two bottles is up to you (and I can't recall the pairing price at this point - when we go it is with a devil may care approach to price because we only go about twice a year). If you are going with bottles though the same advice holds - talk to the sommelier they have a number of lesser known wines from small vintners.
                    As for attire, no you do not need a jacket and tie. We dress "well" - no jeans (although I have seen jeans and a suit jacket there), some people do wear suits, some urban chic, it's pretty easy going. Marc Vetri describes Vetri as eating in his living room!

                    1. re: Bigley9

                      Not sure if I missed the boat or not, but the wine pairing will add $90 to the tasting. My husband and I ate there a couple weeks ago. Best meal of our lives. He enjoyed the wine, I could not (pregnant). Well worth every hard earned penny. My husband wore a collared button down shirt and jacket, but no tie. I would pass on wearing jeans.