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Nov 16, 2008 08:13 PM

Apple Cider Doughnuts?

I'm sure these will be difficult to find in Austin, but does anyone know where (if) I can find apple cider doughnuts in the area?

::sigh:: It's about this time of year I miss living in the Northeast...

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  1. the closest and only option i can think of are the apple sauce cake donuts at round rock donuts. i've had them before but not in a long while, and with nothing to compare to i can only tell you that they were fairly moist but didn't have a lot of apple sauce flavor. good luck!

    1. Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott just past Waco has them on Thanksgiving day weekend during their craft and child fair.

      www.homesteadcraftfair.com there is a link on the page to the menu they have,but the donuts are quite good.

      1. It's not local, but the Orchards of Concklin will deliver award-winning apple cider doughnuts to your door - http://www.theorchardsofconcklin.com/...

        1. you could try making your own. the louisburg cider mill in kansas has everything you would need available to order online. http://www.louisburgcidermill.com

          1. I'd like to resurrect this post. If I cannot find any apple cider donuts then I will need to enlist a friend in Boston to mail me some. Would rather buy local...

            Anybody know where to get apple cider donuts in the Greater Austin area?

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              this former bostonian has never seen them here :-(