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Nov 16, 2008 07:50 PM

dinner for 3 in center city

im going for my 21st birthday dinner with my sister and cousin - needed some recommendations
any cuisine is fine only restrictions are that we only eat chicken and don't want to go to a byob and something in center city east would be better but any suggestions will be great
of the ones that i can remember the restaurants ive been to are buddakan, tequila's, banana leaf, el vez, distrito, penang, italian bistro, raw sushi, fuji mountain, sotto varalli, continental, pietros, horizons, buca di beppo, tria
and so looking to try something new

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  1. Vietnam..Valanni...Tria...Palace at the Ben

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    1. re: jl0328

      valanni looks pretty good

      any comments on tinto?

      1. re: kari18

        It's absolutely excellent but if you ONLY eat chicken I think there are only one or two chicken tapas items.

    2. If you haven't been to Sotto Varalli lately and are willing to try it again, we were happily surprised. Their chicken is delicious - one of the best.

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      1. re: sylviag

        we actually recently went for a friends bday and it was delicious

        right now looking at valanni and vietnam - any other places in all center city will be fine too

      2. Its interesting that you only eat chicken. We eat chicken so much at home that I almost never order it when I go out to eat in a restaurant. I was going to say go to El Vez because the atmosphere would be fun for a 21st birthday, but I see you've already been there. How about Parc? I would bet they serve a great roast chicken there.

        I'm just curious, what do you order at a sushi restaurant when you only eat chicken? And don't you find it very limiting to only eat chicken at a restaurant?

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        1. re: rocknroll52

          While I wouldn't say I eat only Chicken, I don't like seafood and I generally prefer Chicken to red meat or pork. Therefore, at restaurants I tend to order either vegetarian or Chicken - those are the things I like best. I don't eat a lot of Chicken at home though.

          Most sushi restaurants have some variety of teriyaki chicken, although I usually order vegetarian maki. I've tried fish sushi, I just like the vegetarian maki better - and I consider myself lucky because it's cheaper, and I'm just as happy.

          1. re: rocknroll52

            well i order either vegetarian dish or the chicken dish its limiting sometimes because the restaurant wont have many different options but there nothing wrong with it - and at sushi restaurants i just get veggie sushi

            also how is alma de cuba?? good option?

          2. am deciding between Alma de Cuba and Valanni

            any suggestions as to which may be a better choice?
            both look pretty good

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            1. re: kari18

              Given your taste preferences, I think Valanni has more menu items that you can eat. At Alma de Cuba there is ONE chicken dish and ONE pasta dish. And, most of the appetizers are seafood (ceviche).