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Nov 16, 2008 07:29 PM

NYC Food Gifts

I am visiting friends in London and would like to take a foodie gift for them, of course something that can be taken through customs. Any ideas? Willing to travel to Brooklyn if need be as well.

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    1. I bought (online) a wonderful Stollen last year as a food gift, a fruit cake either filled with a cranberry mix or with a raisin mix. It made a great gift as it tasted wonderful and it looked great. It may have been the highlight at the table. :-) It is also very sturdy so it should survive a cross-Atlantic flight.
      The Stollen is made by Sterntaler Bakery ( I got the recommendation from somebody at Chowhound.
      Have fun in London!!

      1. Brooklyn Brewery beer in the bottle
        Urban Bridge Winery bottle of 'Brooklyn Red'
        Loaf of bread or packed scones from Balthazar

        1. When I visited NY I took back cupcakes for friends from Buttercup and had no problem getting them through customs - and when I told the cabin staff they were cupcakes they put them away safely for me also (Maybe I was lucky!)

          We dont have things like black and white cookies over here so maybe those as I keep reading NY is famous for them!

          Have a great time in London - wrap up warm!