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Nov 16, 2008 06:27 PM

Any good chow near the Markham Hilton Suites??

I'll be staying there, without a car, for a couple of nights. I don't know the area at all - is there anything worth checking out? Is there anything at all within walking distance? I'm not looking for anything super-fancy or any particular type of cuisine - just delicious food. Tx

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  1. Inside the hotel itself is Empire Court, which is a Chinese restaurant, and there's also Casa Victoria (also Chinese) in the strip mall diagonally across the intersection from the hotel. They're both more "high end" than most Chinese restaurants.

    Next to the hotel is another strip mall where there's a Queen's Bakery where you can snag a decent Chinese bun (e.g., cha siu, pineapple, curry beef, green onion & bacon, etc.) and HK-style tea/coffee drinks. There's also a Japanese/Korean restaurant, but I don't find it my cup of tea even though it does in a desperate pinch.

    If you take the bus west a few minutes (or you can walk too, but there's no sidewalk along Hwy 7 for that section, though there is for Clegg Road, which runs parallel to it for a bit), there's First Markham Place where there's a few more restaurants worth checking out like Ding Tai Fung for Shanghaiese, Owl of Minerva for a decent gamjatang (pork bone soup), Ngau Kee for Cantonese, or Peak Top for Cantonese (particularly their BBQ/roastie items). Also, in the food court inside the mall, there's the usual assortment of Chinese roastie, Korean, Japanese, Southeast Asian and Shanghaiese places if you're just looking for something simple, quick and decent though not exemplary.

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      second the Empire Court suggestion. Great dim sum.

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        Third the suggestion for Empire Court. Try the pan-fried noodles with minced pork and olive leaves. Fantastic.

      2. Unionville Main Street is not far from there. It has some good restaurants.