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Nov 16, 2008 06:07 PM

Half priced menus

Does anyone know of any good restaurants that are offering half off on their menus or other good reduced price menu deals? I know Mark's on La Cienega has 50% of their menu on Mondays but would also like to hear of others. Thanks Chowhounders!

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  1. There was a thread on this board that mentioned some of the special offers of area restaurants sorted by day of the week, but my first efforts to find it didn't pan out. Maybe someone with better searching skills than mine can find it. But overall, the days of the great half-off nights or fantastic happy hour deals passed a decade or more ago, though with the economy things may change. The best deals these days seem to be no corkage on some early weeknights.

    The best happy hour promotion I've seen lately is between 4-7 weeknights at The Daily Grill. They offer drink discounts and nice portions of items like chicken pot pie and sliders for $3.95 or $2.95. McCormick & Schmick's has a very popular happy hour, with a fullsize burger for two bucks. Palomino, in Westwood, has their pizzas from their woodburning oven for $5 each and half-price bar food at happy hour. The Border Grill has some happy hour discounts as well as a latenight discounted menu after 10, if I recall correctly.

    After that, we get to more casual fare. The Stand has plain dogs for a buck and loaded dogs for $2.50 on Monday nights. Lamonica's pizza is 2-for-1 on Mondays. Del Taco has simple tacos 3 for a buck on Tuesday nights. Togo's has a limited-time special of one particular sandwich for $1.99 on Wednesdays. The Hungry Pocket has all-you-want falafel on Monday and I think Wednesday (could be Thurs) eves for $6.99, but to be honest that's twice the cost of their regular falafel pita and who really wants more than two? Two decades ago we would meet on Fridays for dollar drinks and a nice pre-dinner free buffet at one of a handful of places in Westwood Village -- Cafe Cafe, Yesterdays, Alice's, Stratton's, Baxter's -- now the only one left is the sorry Acapulco where they charge for the fresh tacos and the margaritas are now close to $5 discounted.

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      nosh, re: lamonica's monday 2 for 1, it is for dine in and/or pick up only right?

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        Not sure. Some of their coupons in The Daily Bruin specify takeout or delivery only. But I think the 2-for-1 on Mondays does not require a coupon. Call to make sure, then post and let us know.

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          thanks, sounds like it is still limtied to dine-in or pick up only. i'll post when i get around to going there to satisfy a pizza craving. hehe!

    2. The Dolce Group has half price nights at three of their restaurants.

      Ketchup - half price Sundays
      Dolce - half price Mondays
      Bella - half price Tuesdays

      They won't give you the discount unless you ask, but its half price all food on the menu.

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        If that is true, that they don't give you the discount unless you know and ask, is just obnoxious. Fitting with the restaurants. Let me make sure I have this right -- They offer a half-price discount, but they don't mention it with signs or on the menu. And if you aren't in the know and mention the special, they charge you full price. If I was settling my bill at my table and overheard an unannounced 50% off deal being given to the neighboring table, I really worry that I would lose it. Of course, I normally avoid these places and a half-price discount makes them only twice as expensive as they should be. But wow, such a policy is so arbitrary and discretionary that it is not only offensive but borderline dangerous. Would be interesting to measure how many tables with ethnic minorities or over a certain age are unaware of the discounts compared to white, hip and young?

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          I wasn't aware that all Dolce restaurants offered the 50% rate on certain days. Thanks! We went to Ketchup on Sunday and the place was packed. Most young trendy types. When seated, we were told of the 50% discount special right upfront but there was no insert in the menu promoting it. I can't say everyone was also told when they were seated but we were.

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            Ketchup is running their special 50% off on Sunday only.