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Nov 16, 2008 05:50 PM

Looking for a New Cranberry Sauce Recipe

I'm having the family (15 adults and 2 small children) for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm looking for a new cranberry sauce recipe.

In the past, I've done the typical cranberry-orange, Susan Stamberg's mother's recipe with cranberries and horseradish that's she talks about on NPR every year (that one fell flat) and an amazing baked cranberry-apple crumble served warm (more of a dessert than a relish), but I'm looking for something relatively simple, but interesting.

What's your family's fav cranberry sauce?

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  1. Hi chicgail,

    I am just thinking out loud. Instead of the traditional cranberry sauce, how about using pomegranate as a sauce?

    Here is a list of pomegranate sauce:

    1. Mine is still cranberry orange ginger with toasted pecan pieces added after its cooled. However, a great but simple variation is to make a basic cranberry sauce using a bold red wine (cab/merlot/zin) instead of the water/orange juice. With that many people, you could easily make two different batches to account for different tastes.

      1. My mum uses toasted walnut pieces in her cranberry sauce...mmmmm!

        1. I didn't care for the Stamberg sauce either, but in fairness, I believe it's supposed to be used on turkey sandwiches, not as an accompaniment to the dinner with all the various side dishes.

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            My family is wild for this Stamberg one at the meal, so to each her own!
            I make that and also a cooked sauce with pears and ginger which is fun.

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              I like Ming Tsai's cranberry wasabi relish which is almost the same as as the Stamberg recipe but with 2T. of bloomed wasabi added. It's a subdued pink and not frozen, and is good with turkey and roast beef, and, I imagine, with a lot of other meats.

            2. I made a interesting cranberry compote featured in Gourmet last year. It uses a good dry red wine instead of the water/juice and it has aniseed and persimmons in it.