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Nov 16, 2008 05:42 PM

Lunch in Warwick NY

Following our annual trek to Fox Ridge Farms in Warwick NY for the Christmas tree cutting extravaganza, we will need a place for a nice lunch. Good wine and beer a definate plus. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just wanna toss this out's not "nice" (more "kitchy") but the food is good:

    Clayton Delaney's Dining Sln
    (845) 469-9002
    60 Main St, Chester, NY 10918

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    1. re: L_W

      Does the Iron Forge Inn serve lunch? It's a place I've read about here but haven't gotten to yet.

      1. re: dolores

        Sadly no, not even in the Taproom.

        There are so many restaurants in Warwick though. I'm sure you'll find one to your liking.

    2. i'm a total fan of the little french lunchoentte (le petit cafe? ) across from the railroad station. Great soups, crepes, salads and the best cafe au latte outside of paris. It's byo and, if it's warm enough, has outdoor seating..

      1. I recommend the Warwick Valley Winery. The food is awesome and there is plenty of wine and cider to buy at the adjacent tasting room.

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        1. re: littleguy

          Definitely! Warwick Valley Winery is a great stop for lunch. They have wonderful wine tastings and great lunch items in the little cafe. Their cheese and bread plate with fresh fruit is my favorite.

        2. We/ve had excellent lunches at 10 Railroad Avenue.

          1. We ended up going to Halligan's, an Irish pub. The atmosphere was sterile and lacked the dark woods of the rustic pub. Food was poor except for their spin on Nachos (Irish Nachos) replacing the tortillas with homemade potato chips. Very good, just need to use real cheese on them. The bangers in the mash were disgusting, alledgedly grilled, they had the texture of a bad hot dog. We'll be going elsewhere next year.