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Nov 16, 2008 05:16 PM

Thanksgiving without butter? Oy.

I have to cook kosher this year.

I know enough to know what to ask, and my turkey provider, utensils, kitchen, plates, and serving implements have all been cleared by my Kosher guests.

But, of course, I can't use butter to grease up my bird.

What's a hospitable cook who can't stand the idea of not using butter to do?

Will any oil do? Is margarine the way to go (I hate that stuff)? Other ideas?

I can't even figure out what to Google that isn't just about what makes a turkey kosher and whether to brine it.


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  1. I have used Canola oil relying on the rub to add flavor -

    1. I'd suggest reading the thread of "unnatural pareve deserts" since there is a lot of suggestion on what to use in baking (various soy margerines that are trans fat-free).

      You need to begin with "letting-go". Your bird will taste different this year. Not bad, but different because you aren't using butter.

      Good Luck

      1. Le Marais used to sell tubs of kosher duck fat online. You can give them a call and see if they'll ship it. Should be a flavorful substitute.

        1. Just use Pareve margarine or Crisco. My family has been doing that for years. No complaints here.

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            Same here. Been using Fleishman's parve margarine for years. Works fine.

          2. My biggest advice is to check the margarine carefully for a "pareve" marking. Not all margarines are pareve - you'd be suprised how many are dairy. I use Mother's and find it works well. Good luck and don't stress too much :)

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            1. re: mglass

              Yes, the label must be checked carefully. There is only one stick margarine I can find that is marked OU Pareve, the Fleishman's unsalted. Everything else in my local stores is OU D.

              1. re: runtexas

                You may be able to find truly parve margarine in Health Food-type stores, if there are any in your area.

                1. re: runtexas

                  Smart Balance and Earth Balance also make pareve margarine products.