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Nov 16, 2008 04:26 PM

Brazilian things in NYC

Hi, I'm moving to NYC for 4 months from Brazil. I'm going to be living on 97th street on the east side and working near the Empire State Building. For those moments when I want something Brazilian, what are all the good Brazilian places for me to discover? (nightclubs, bakeries, food stores, cheap restaurants, music, etc.)

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  1. I live in your soon-to-be-neighborhood and there is quite a good Brazilian restaurant on E. 92nd Street called Zebu Grill that is a favorite of ours.

    Welcome to Manhattan.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      We like Zebu as well. Isnt there still an array of Brazilan places on West 45th St.?

      1. re: Steve R

        I think so - just not familiar with them.

        1. re: Steve R

          Via Brasil on West 46th Street , between 5the and 6th Avenues ("Little Brazil Street") is our favorite--good food and service, nice ambience.

      2. Hi folks:

        Just a reminder that music and nightclubs are beyond the scope of our boards, so please limit your responses to chowish ones!


        1. I love the cassava-coconut muffins at Brasil Coffee House at Lexington & 30th. The coffee's great too.

          1. if you can make all the way down and out to brooklyn (williamsburg), miss favela botequim is a fun place for good food, strong drinks, and festive atmosphere


            you can make an evening of it by going to club bembe for good pan latin music and dancing (just a couple blocks away).

            1. You should also post something on the Outer Boroughs Board. There's a large Brazilian community in Astoria and a very good Brazilian store on 34th Ave.