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Nov 16, 2008 03:53 PM

Thanksgiving solo / counter or bar seating?

Says it all, really. I'm in Atwater, but don't mind a bit of a drive, though Santa Monica would be too far!

Would consider anything from Canter's on up, (has anyone had Canter's on Thanksgiving? Is it okay?)

I want a traditional turkey dinner with trimmings.

I have some small fear that a solo diner might get lost in the Thanksgiving rush, so someplace low-key would be appreciated.

As mentioned in title, I like to sit at a counter or bar when dining solo, so that's a pretty fast requirement.


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  1. Have just found out Palate Food+Wine is serving Thanksgiving, so I am going to call tomorrow to see about a walk in bar seat.

    Am open to other suggestions, though.