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SEA - Bar for birthday party?

I'm throwing my friend a birthday party in mid-December and am lookng for the right spot to hold it. Some bars we like are:
Viceroy (considering it, but it may be too small)
The Viking (again, probably too small for our group)

Looking for a place that can accommodate 15-25 people (wide age range, from mid-20s to mid-40s), not necessarily in a private room, but some sense that we are in a section (not all just standing at a bar rail).

Would like a place that serves food so I can order a bunch of apps for everyone. Not really into a super swanky scene with $14 cocktails. Ideas so far are:
The back room of Cafe Venus
King's Hardware
The upstairs room at Brouwer's

Thanks for your suggestions!

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    1. I did the front half of the upstairs @ BalMar for my bday a couple ago. That was pretty fun. I think we had to disperse by 9 or 9:30 but it was on a Saturday.

      1. We had a good time at St Andrews Bar and Grill on Aurora just behind the PCC. http://www.standrewsbarandgrill.com/ It may not be big enough but the food was pretty good and a bewildering variety of Scotch.

        1. I admit it's been a while since I've been to either place, but I'v been to great birthday parties at both:
          -The upstairs balcony at the Chapel and
          -The backroom at SeaSound Lounge

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              isnt' there some kind of upstairs space at quinns?

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                Yes, there's an upstairs area; I believe the bar behind Quinn's is somehow connected as well and available for private parties.

            2. I've done about the same thing at the Old Pequiliar in Ballard. We took over most of the upstairs room, which worked out perfectly for our purposes. Food is most fried, if I recall correctly. But I'm pretty sure you can get hard drinks and beer.

              1. I agree with another writer who voted for SeaSound Lounge. I went to a party there once and it was great! I think they are also willing to work with you on the pricing for appetizers if you're having a large group.

                1. Quinn's space is next door and called Sole Repair www.solerepairshop.com

                  1. You can fit a group like that pretty easily into the front area(s) of The People's Pub on Ballard Ave, or along the wall in the back area. Front area bonus is you can play the jukebox to suit your fancy. Food till last call (with lots of appetizers or desserts if you don't want entrees), cocktails, drink specials, happy hour and the ever present lineup of German & NW beer.

                    1. Quinn's is good, and Mission (tequila bar baby!) is great