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Nov 16, 2008 03:22 PM

Good Pub food for Brunch UES

My hubby and I love going for brunch on the weekends but we tend to go to the village. Do you know of any good pubs that serve excellent brunch on the UES which is where we live?

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    1. re: Lucia

      i second Fetch - exactly the place that came to mind when i read the title of your post.

    2. Try Doc Watson's on @2nd Ave btwn 77th & 78th St. Definitely a pub and decent (not excellant) grub.

      1. Becky's at 63rd & 1st has great pub food. I've never been for brunch but on a regular day they're pretty good. Eli's is on the UES and has good brunch, not exactly a pub though. Ummmm, just in case "brunch" is more important than "pub," Zuccharo e Pomodori (sp?) at 75th & 2nd has an unlimited mimosa brunch that's pretty awesome.

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        1. re: Stella_Blue

          Becky's is my go-to neighborhood bar. The food is actually pretty decent at night, but I'm not crazy about the brunch and their coffee is subpar.

        2. Cafe d'Alsace at 88th and 2nd is good and lively.

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          1. re: Gelaine

            Whoops..... they're not a pub... but they are big on beer -:)

            1. re: Gelaine

              We've been to Cafe D'Alsace. Its good but I wouldn't say its pub food. Its more of a French bistro type place.