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Nov 16, 2008 03:07 PM

can I make bread pudding from leftover flatbread?

Not sure how it happened, but I have a plethora of different kinds of stale-ish breads around my kitchen--big armenian lavash breads, the puffy middle eastern flat bread, plain old pita bread, and a loaf of whole wheat from the farmer's market last week. Hate to throw it all away, but none of it is really going to be really edible on its own, so I thought, hey, bread pudding! But all the recipes I find say to start with stale french bread, or egg bread, or something like that.

Has anyone ever tried this with the less yeasty breads? I suppose I could buy a baguette and let it go bad, but that seems to counter the spirit of bread pudding.

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  1. You could make a great savory bread pudding (think scallions and wild mushrooms and fresh herbs) with the whole wheat bread. The flat breads could be cut into wedges and toasted into crisps for dipping in hummous or some other dip or served with cheese. Not sure I'd use them in a bread pudding.

    1. Give it a shot and report back here. What do you have to lose except a few eggs, cup of milk and some sugar and vanilla, and think if it turns out to be a wild success! I wait breathlessly to find out the results of your culinary experiment.

      1. hmmm . . . I bet you could use the lavash to make a variation on matzoh brei. I don't have a recipe but Googling "matzoh brei recipe" turns up a few thousand hits. Give it a try and report back, 'cause now I'm curious!

        1. With those breads, I think I'd go the egg/cheese strata route, with herbs, scallions, etc.
          Or toast them all in the oven, then crush for homemade breadcrumbs, which will keep a long while - I'd freeze the crumbs since any moisture that was left might cause mold otherwise.

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            My vote goes to the strata idea. It'll be a bit "chewy" compared to a typical strata but that's not a bad thing.