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Nov 16, 2008 02:06 PM

Clam chowder recipe w/ no or minimal dairy?

Looking for un-tomatoey clam chowder recipe with very little or no dairy. Thank you.

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  1. I don't have a link - but look up RI clam chowder or clear chowder or broth chowder - it's traditional in RI. - you can also fake the dairy/creamy with potatoes -

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      or you could puree some white beans?

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        Rhode Island clam chowder is indeed clear broth. I make it with boiling potatoes, lots of clams, some bacon (I think an unsmoked pork is more traditional, but that's hard to get in the Pacific NW), very dry white wine (pinot gris), extra clam broth, onion and garlic, I think. It's very simple. Save the wine-y liquor from your steamed clams, let the grit settle, and use that as your soup base. Saute up the potato and onion in the bacon fat. Since this is so basic, the best quality ingredients really do help. Splurge on plenty of fresh clams.

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          RI chowder has a few extra veggies such as carrots in addition to potatoe, onion, etc. You can make it with either clam broth (buy at the store) or chicken broth. Or better, a mix of both. I add diced bacon and a bit of garlic to mine and only use chopped clams, not minced. If you want it more manhattany, try some grape tomatoes cut in half

        2. You might want to try combining firm tofu and water (at a ratio of 12 ounces of firm tofu to half a cup of water) in your blender to create a base for a New England style clam chowder.

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            Tofu? Now that's just sacreligous! (shouting from Rhode Island)

            My suggestion for adding creaminess without dairy would be to use Yukon Gold potatoes, which will melt nicely into your soup. That being said, I make it much like Vetter. Saute a couple slices of diced bacon until they render their fat. Add diced onions (and celery if you like) and saute. Add your diced potatoes and add enough water to barely cover and cook until tender. Meanwhile steam clams until they just open. (I steam them with celery, parsley and a couple garlic cloves.) Strain the clam broth in a sieve lined with a coffee filter. Add broth to the potatoes to taste - this can be quite salty! Just before serving, add the clams (chopped). A couple of drops of tabasco sauce doesn't hurt either.

          2. Are you looking for a thick broth or a clear broth? I have a whole cookbook of chowder recipes and can look for you.

            1. In the case of lactose-intolerance, another option is to substitute the dairy with soymilk in a regular clam chowder recipe. Soy creamer could also be an option.