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Nov 16, 2008 01:42 PM

Les Bons Temps...opinions?

Thinking about trying out Les Bons Temps for a pre-theater meal next Saturday. Any one been? What's good there? Or should I not?

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  1. I went there over a month ago and thought the food was great. The space is beautiful. The restaurant was empty on a Friday night so I don't know how long it's going to be open. I remember having a scallop appie and a seafoody/sausage gumbo dish. The food was delicious but quite heavy. Go with an appetite.

    1. I haven't been disappointed with any of the dishes. The duck croquettes and crawfish spring rolls are my favorite apps. The crispy duck entree and the cajun jambalaya are tasty also. Some nights there is a good vibe at the bar, but I agree with Phillyjules that I'm not sure how long they'll be open.

      1. Found this to be an uneven experience. I enjoyed the eggplant beignets (although my dining companion thought they had too much tabasco.) Seafood gumbo was tasty. While my fish entree was fine, the chicken one was miniscule. It looked like half of a Cornish hen. and was overcooke. As we were dining with a group, she didn't want to send it back.

        The service was very, very poor considering the room was not at all busy on a weekday night. Two in our group never received their entrees at all. But the drink specials were very, very good.

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          I think the appetizers are really the standout here...delicious. Second the duck croquettes and crawfish spring rolls. Service has always been friendly everytime I've been, but the restaurant is oddly empty on weekends and I can't figure out why. Maybe creole/cajun food just doesn't resonate in Philly?

        2. Thanks everyone. Sine we're going for a pre-theater meal, we won't want to eat anything too heavy or we'll fall asleep in the theater! Sounds like sampling several of the appetizers would be a good plan.

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            We had a nice time at Les Bons Temps!! We had a table for two in the balcony and a piano player provided pleasant background for a romantic dinner. The place was more than half empty. Service was prompt and friendly. Ordered a bunch of the apps...outstanding items were the crawfish salad, scallops in balsamic, and eggplant beignets...they were a surprisingly different taste sensation, crispy outside, soft inside, savory and sweet from the dusting of powdered sugar!! The crawfish spring rolls were also tasty with quite a spicy kick. This is not a place to come if you dont like spicy or fried foods. Would go back!

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              i would go back here as well. i went on friday night, and though i wasn't terribly hungry my friends wanted to check them out for RW. you all are right: it's totally uncrowded and i'm sure that cannot be cheap rent!!

              the inside is pretty (to me), but may be a bit dated for the neighborhood it's in - it's certainly not terribly hip and trendy. what little i did eat was carefully prepared and packed with flavor... had the farmer's salad which was some nice baby greens, goat cheese, candied nuts (i think walnuts) and grapefruit with a nice sweet vinaigrette. it worked. their specialty cocktails menu had an amazing martini as well, though i cannot remember what it was called. can you remember the color of the walls? it was about that color! very bright pink-orange made with sour mix and vodka and i don't know what else. not terribly strong, but tasty. coffee was la colombe - so smooth and rich, i love that stuff. we shared a couple desserts - beignets and a sticky bun bread pudding. HUGE dessert portions. the beignets were fried melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

              our server was pleasant and had a good sense of humor... i don't know how well this is going to come across in writing, but after a couple drinks my friend, a major francophile, took on a dare egged on by us: he called up the restaurant (from our table) and when they answered with the proper pronunciation of "les bons temps," (le-bon-ton, sorta) he replied with a fake-confused but utterly convincing "oh, i'm sorry, i was looking for les bons temps" (american phoenetic pronunciation) and proceeds to hang up as the guy on the line goes "wait!! - this is it..." we had to come clean to our server, who found it hysterical (you really had to have been there...)

              1. re: rabidog

                You are too funny. My husband says the reason no one is going to this place is because they can't pronounce the French name!!

          2. Les Bons Temps you are glad a thread was started! Innovative (where else in philly does one find eggplant beignets) but not snobby about it, not too pricey, and your not too shabby on the eye either. But the best is that you have Abita beer on tap and include it in your happy hours! Speaking of ideas youre on, how about having a Turbodog or Restoration ale happy hour and having the brewers up for Beer Week? Big easy food, cheese and beer tasting anyone?