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Nov 16, 2008 01:42 PM

Stone's Ruination.....

A somewhat new arrival to the Carolina's..........very excited to try all their products, being a certified hop addict.
Sierra Nevada has remained the go to beer of of choice, especially when on sale at $7.99 a six or $14.99 for the sealed 12 pack. With the change to the non twist tops, the Sierra products have gained further consistancy........have been an adherant since it's inception.
Tried all Stone's product available here and must say I've fallen in love with their IPA......everyone I talk to (many vendors) sing the praises of the Pale is not hoppy enough for my tastes........ only went for a couple of the Ruination 22oz's at 5,99 a pop. Did not want to commit to the $15.99 six price. Thought it was complex/alot going on , but...
Both the Pale Ale and the IPA go for $10.49 a six at the local Harris Teeter....suprisingly they are undercutting Total Wine ($10.99for the Pale Ale/IPA...same price for Ruination).
To my laymans taste buds the Ruination tasted very similar to Lagunitas IPA........tell me what I'm missing.....I know hops are in short supply/high demand, but is $15.99 a six pack justified/warranted, or is Stone working a mystique/hype/very stylish bottling.......nice sound bites......
Am also in love with Bell's Two Hearted .....and Bud's American Ale at $6.99 a six.......I tried a 22 at $1.99.....was swill....with all their history/coin/wherewithal/.....this is , in my opinion is a really sorry, dumbed down attempt.......why can't one of these giants swing for the fences and really suprise someone with a World Class Beer.......
Thanks for any takes....

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  1. I don't think Budweiser American Ale is swill. And furthermore, at its price point it's a great value.

    I wonder if Ruination 6pks are priced correctly in your area. IIRC they're quite a bit more expensive than IPA and Pale Ale around here.

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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      I concur...the American Ale is not swill at all.
      It is not an extreme or over the top beer, but that doesn't make it "dumbed down" or a less worthy beer.
      It is really very nicely balanced, a trait which these days seems more and more like a lost art.

    2. Speaking of Sierra Nevada - a new IPA release is imminent that will be year round and widely distributed in bottles. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA.

      Trial versions have been floating around on draft over the last year - good to see it developed into something that is widely distributed and in bottles. I would prefer to see it another seasonal (to replace the ESB perhaps), but at least they put some dating codes on the bottles in order to check for freshness.

      I can't wait to try the new Citra hop - hopefully it will become available to homebrewers in the future.

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      1. re: LStaff

        Had the Torpedo last year. It was just OK. I really love their Harvest Wet Hop series.

        1. re: Ralphus

          What you drank most likely is not what the finished product will be - hence my wording as "trial versions".

          Give it a chance when it comes out.