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Dec 7, 2003 02:28 PM

Recommendation near Echo Park?

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Hi - am looking for a recommendation for good first date restaraunt in or around Echo Park. She's vegetarian, likes sushi, Italian, Mexican.

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  1. Tantra is good for Americanized Indian food. Cool vibe.
    Malo is not the greatest food, but it's very hip and fun place. Lots of people go on first dates there. Do not go to Zen Sushi, it's yucky. All are in Silver Lake.

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      Actually, Saito Sushi is great. The location is in a pretty skanky strip mall at Sunset & Fountain, but Saito consistently serves lovely and fresh fish and is a charming sushi chef. Try the albacore salad.

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        Saito's is excellently fresh! Try the sweet shrimp and watch it being prepared. wow.

    2. Rambutan is on the border of silver lake and echo park and is a favorite of ours..dimly lit thai tapas with great atmosphere and always yummy - not too expensive either..we always have a "mosquito bite" their version of a mojito and share a few tapas..i think they have a website..good luck!

      1. Vegetarian?! Take her to Elf Cafe, a vegetarian organic restaurant! That place is adorable, cozy, delicious... and bonus points for being one of those hidden gems (the place doesn't even have a sign out front). BYO wine, $5 corkage.

        But don't tell her you heard about it from us... you found it yourself...;)

        1. One of the best restaurants in the area is Blair's in Silverlake. They have a number of veggie options:

          1. If she likes Indian, head a little west to Parus