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Where can I find raw milk in/around north Dallas, TX?

I recently moved Allen, Texas from Europe and interested in buying raw milk. Do you know any place I can buy?


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  1. I am not sure if I am right, but I think it is illegal to sell raw milk in most jurisdictions in the United States. I read an article a few months ago about a guy in the San Franciso area that was defying the law and selling it. I am sure there are others on this board that know the answer.

    Bigray in Ok

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      My understanding is that farmers are allowed to sell it directly. I heard that some require you to sign a waiver.

      It's also not unusual for farms to be outside any city limits and therefore to be subject to fewer regulations in general. I remember talking to one farmer who also serves prepared food at her little store who kept calling people trying to find out what she needed to comply with, and was surprised how little there was if you only have the county and state to deal with.

    2. You can find raw goats milk. Raw cows milk is harder. You would certainly have to go to a farm to buy it. It's generally illegal to transport it for sales purposes. I'd ask good earth organic, la cuesta, and lucky layla.

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        I have asked la cuesta and Rehobath Farms. Both will put people on a list for raw goat's milk but they do not always have it. You absolutely have to go to the farms to get raw milk, none will bring it to the markets because of the law. Some of the farms at Texas Meats (includes Rehobath Farms) down at the Dallas Farmers' Market sometimes have raw cow's milk available at their farms. When the Mckinney market reopens (I believe it is now closed for the season but am not sure), you should check there. In Allen you are relatively close to parts of East Texas (like Greenville) where there are still some dairy farms.

        1. Thank you all for posts. I will check these farms and will let you know what I learn.

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            Hi Attila,
            I have just moved to Allen 2 weeks ago, and I am also looking for somewhere to buy raw goat's milk. Did you ever find a place that sold it near here?

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              Flower Mound at Agape Oaks


              $14/ gallon
              $7.50/half gallon


              Good Earth Farms in Greenville

              Gallons $14.00

              Half-gallons $7.25

              Quarts - $4.00

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                Agape oaks says they do not currently sell raw milk.
                Just looking into these because my infant is turning 1 year old so I intend on feeding her raw goats milk and raw cows milk since they both contain some nutrients that the other does not.
                Has anyone purchased from this farm before?

          2. Here is an existing co-op for raw milk in your area. The dairy they use is very high quality. I personally drink the milk from the nors dairy daily.

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                Lucky Layla is now selling raw milk as of Sept 9, 2009 per their web site. I was looking at stopping by this week for some cheeses and saw that tid bit. I prefer raw milk, and miss it since I am not near my farm all that often anymore.

                This off their website: http://www.luckylayla.com/index.php

                "We are now selling Grade "A" Raw Guernsey & Jersey milk off the farm in Plano. Our creamy, local and rBST free Guernsey & Jersey Raw Milk can be purchased Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm at our Lucky Layla Farms Farm Store on Jupiter Road."

                They make it well known that Fearing uses their products. Good stuff none the less.

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                  Yes they do sell raw cows milk, I have purchased from there. Unfortunately they do not sell very many other products so that is the only problem I have with them.
                  Was that intended to be an insult to Fearing? lol
                  I personally am not much of a fan of him so I would not disagree. His food is good but not great.

              2. Lavon Farms, Deanna & Todd Moore and Jonathan Moore, 3721 North Jupiter Road in Plano


                Edit, sorry it is the same place as the Lucky Layla post avove

                1. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Natural Grocer's (Vitamin Cottage) stocks raw milk.


                  1. Lucky Layla Farms
                    3721 NORTH JUPITER ROAD
                    PLANO, TEXAS 75074
                    Ph: 972-423-8080

                    But last time I checked they were selling for $10 for a gallon.
                    Call before you go sometimes they might be out.

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                      Yes I have been there.. It's good stuff too. They sell cow's milk but currently I am buying goat's milk in Grandview. It's quite a drive for me and there is a place in Abbott that is closer to me otherwise I would still come there.

                    2. There is a raw jersey dairy being built in van alstyne. It should be open in September 2014. Not sure of the name though.