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Nov 16, 2008 01:11 PM

Are kitchen shears the same as poultry shears, and what brand/style do you recommend

Making my Xmas gift list and am curious about this item... can anyone give me more info?

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  1. Poultry shears are different than kitchen shears, although in many cases the terms are used interchangeably.

    Poultry shears are generally curved, like plant shears, with a bone-cutting notch.
    Kitchen shears are like shorter general purpose scissors, with straight triangular blades.

    I use a knife on my chicken, so it's kitchen shears for me.

    Get take-apart shears, cleaning is so much easier.

    1. Wustoff makes a great pair of take apart kitchen shears for about $20. Poultry shears are heavier duty and usually cost more like $75-80. For me kitchen shears + cleaver = chicken parts!

      1. poultry shears are a sort of one trick pony and I don't find them any easier to use than a chef's knife for dismembering a chicken. I'd gone through a lot of kitchen shears before a knife store recommended the Messermeister kitchen shears and I haven't looked back since. For about $20, a very good investment

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          The Wustoff and the Messermeister get the best reviews--anyone able to compare them?

          And there are two types of Messermeister shears: . Which one do you prefer Chuckl?

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            I have the Messermeister shears and love them. They pull apart for easy cleaning, which is essential when working with raw meat. It took me awhile to find them but I know Le Roux, which has stores in Portsmouth, NH, Portland, ME, and Martha's Vineyard sells them. Check out .

          2. Target is selling a pair of poultry shears, Henkels brand I think, like everything these days-pacific rim origin, $20. Has been nice for cutting up whole chickens and splitting poultry bones for stock, heavy duty full metal tang, the plastic finger grip are comfortable, the lock mechanism is a bit annoying. Best I've had, only have a cheap pair of Chicago cutlery kitchen shears to compare with though.