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Nov 16, 2008 12:58 PM

New Wine Bar in Port Washington--"Vintage Port"

There's a new wine bar in Port Washington, which we tried last night after the Shelby Lynne concert at the Landmark. It's located on Main Street, across the street from the Port Washington Clearview Theater, in the old North Winds Coffee bar location.
They have a nice wine list, and the tapas menu looked interesting, although none of our party ate anything, we just drank. I do hope that this place stays in business. The old tenant, Northwinds, never really seemed to care whether he stayed in business or not. The decor is very nice, and they have a small bar, a few tables, and a little lounge area right as you walk in. One small criticism, the glass of water which I had tasted had a refrigerator taste-- probably from stale ice.

In addition to a nice list of whites and reds, they have about five beers and some ciders.
I do hope some chowhounders will patronize the place and let me know what their thoughts are.

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  1. went there last night and loved it. just what port washington needed. my boyfriend and i split a bottle and a cheese platter. there were 7 cheese to choose from. also, if their tapas menu features food that is anything similar to the Bistro du Village restaurant with which they are affiliated, you're in for some good food here. the place was packed and lively all night long. the main bartender is very friendly and knowledgable. the decor is sweet, not exactly great, but could be worse.

    again, this is certainly something that this area of long island needs. actually, ANY area of long island. a wine bar/cafe that plays GREAT music (bob marley and bob dylan all night.) i definitely plan on going back many more times, and trying the food. so happy with this place, i hope port washington doesn't mess it up.

    1. I've been to Vintage Port several times since they opened and googled them simply to find their phone number as I am hoping to arrange a holiday party there. I was thrilled to see that people are talking about this place.
      Vintage Port is such a great addition to our town or ANY town for that matter!
      The wine list offers a wide range of varietals and the food is delicious.
      Sort of "Bistro du Village-lite," the owners other/first endeavor. (If you haven't tried the bistro, you should) The young men that serve you are a delight. Both of them are very charming and knowledgable and are willing to help in any way they can. I think one of them is the owner's son.
      I have to say that I take issue with stefathena's comment about the decor.."sweet" just doesn't do it justice. I think it's beautiful! It's warm and inviting in a very 'Manhattan' style kind of way. I do however agree that the music is great!
      There is no other place like this in town or anywhere near by, not that I know of anyway and I too hope that it is well supported.

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        ChaCha, the only time I have eaten in Bistro du Village was shortly after it opened, and the service was really awful. Our waiter clearly had never worked in the restaurant business ever. Has the Bistro gotten over its service problems?

        1. re: petergreen

          Peter - I've honestly never had a problem with the service at Bistro du Village. My experience has always been positive. I find the waiters to be friendly, courteous and capable. I don't think it's ever wise to judge ANY restaurant when they first open. I would give them another try as the food alone is certainly worth it.

        2. re: ChaCha12

          If I didn't know better I'd think that ChaCha was related to, or friends with, someone who owned Vintage Port. Wait, I don't know better... hmmmmmm....

        3. I have lived in Port Washington for the majority of my life. I have to see I consider this place a jewel in town. I love the decoration and I like the lounge atmosphere. It's great if you're going with a group as well. It has a very cozy and city feel for a small town I will definitely continue going. I recommend it to all my friends. Go check it out.

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