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Nov 16, 2008 12:48 PM

kosher romantic weekend

Help. I need to take the wife away for a shabbos. Anyone know a place to go with minyan and kosher food , driving distance from nyc ?

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  1. Providence, RI makes for a very pleasant weekend away. There's a kosher B&B and the oldest shul in America, although I don't know if they can reliably make a minyan in the winter.

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      I believe Gila B. is referring to Newport, RI (not Providence, RI); the famous Orthodox synagogue is . Providence, RI is also a lovely destination; that city boasts an exceptionally warm and friendly Jewish community. Contact for any and all information regarding Jewish Providence.

    2. Look at the hotel reccomendations from Cong. Shaya Ahavat Torah (google the name) in Parsippany, NJ. It's 35 mins, straight on 80 after you cross the GWB. You'll have to bring your own food, but it's a popular get-away for the Brooklyn Crowd.

      1. Atlantic city is a possibility.

        For minyan check out

        As far as food check out

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          Wonderful timing. My son-in-law just forwarded me today an email that he received from Tropicanna Hotel in Atlantic City. They have a deal for $59 for 2 nights ($29/night!) for the following days Nov 24-25, Dec 10-11 & Dec 17-18. I just booked the Nov 24-25! Nice short week for me. I will leave on Monday, come back Wednesday, in time for a Yeshiva dinner on Wednesday night then Thursday is Thanksgiving.

        2. Ocean Place Resort and Spa is being taken over by Katz caterers for Thanksgiving weekend and Chanukah weekend. Why not fly to Key West? There used to be a Shabbos Minyan there near some very nice hotels. Boston is a bit busy but Holiday Inn Brookline is near Young Israel and restaurants and you can take in the city on Sunday.