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Nov 16, 2008 12:12 PM

Sullivan County/Liberty dining suggestions?

Heading on up to Swan Lake for a long weekend this weekend. As I google to death trying to find an eatery for Saturday nite, I find the results being real skimpy.

Manny's Steak/Seafood and a place in Calicoon (on the Delaware R) which looks to be every bit of a 45 minute ride appear to be the only worthwhile choices with the Calicoon spot to be the more eclectic and better of the two.

I will not do pizza up here and it appears that there's a lot of Chinese (any Thai? Viet?).

Or am I resigned to cooking 'in' (we do have an excellent cook in our party of 6, and I know my way around a kitchen as well).

Good diners? arrrrrrggggghhhhhh. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Since you mention steak....The Old Homestead comes to mind as a possibility. It's about 15 minutes from Liberty or Swan Lake . Very rustic and has that country charm appeal. Whenever our group plays golf in Sullivan County, it's the place we try eat at if it is open. I would imagine it would be open on the weekends.

    Old Homestead Restaurant
    452 Bridgeville Rd
    Monticello, NY 12701

    (845) 794-8973‎

    1. Narrowsburg, New York, probably a 30 minute drive from Liberty on the Delaware River. Restaurant 15 Main, check out their website, Very talented chef, menu has few changes each week, they use a lot of local products when available. Nothing frozen, each dish made to order and all desserts, bread, made by chef. Check it out

      1. the fat lady cafe in kauneonga lake is very nice...its right on the water (white lake)...its only about eight miles south of swan lake

        1. Ask about the Eldred Preserve Restaurant, obviously in Eldred,I believe on Rt 55. It's supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Sullivan County and beyond.

          1. It is possible to get good food in the greater Sullivan County area. The closest, nice places are Piccolo Paese (Italian) or Yasoo (Greek - 70 State Route 52) in Liberty. If you aren't looking for fancy, Cobblers is a bar/restaurant on Main Street. Second to None is on Rt 52. Both serve good, solid.

            If you are willing to drive a little farther there's
            Teds in Jeffersonville
            Frankie and Johnnie's in Hurleyville
            Buono Fortuna in Monticello
            Hana's in Monticello

            There are alot of options ...
            If you are looking for Thai or Vietnamese, you don't find it in the area.