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Nov 16, 2008 11:56 AM

Best Old School Bar with Best Burger in Manh

This is for a friend's birthday on 11/18. I'm not interested in burger joints but old time bars with warm ambiance with great burgers. My favorite old school bars were McHales and Subway (is that the name? A venerable bar near Penn Station), both of which are gone. Others I like are Ear Inn and White Horse. Places I know about are Old Town Bar and Pete's Tavern. So, you get the idea of the bar feel I am looking for.

Places I am currently considering for the gathering Walker's Tavern and PJ Clarkes. Burger places that might do (though they may not have the old school bar feel so much) are DuMont Burger, Bonnie’s Grill, Rare Bar & Grill, Molly's Pub.

So, what have I left out? And what would be your rankings? (Remember, old school bars with great burgers, not the best burger joints in the city.) Thanks.

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  1. Waterfront Alehouse. Molly's is very good and has the old school bar feel too.

    1. upstairs at PJ Clarke's, Sidecar, is a semi-private club and has a more intimate atmosphere. and the food is great.

      1. PJ Clarks is hands down my favorite burger and has an awesome old school atmosphere. This is your place without a doubt.

        1. Seems like Corner Bistro on Jane Street would fit your bill too, especially on a weeknight when it's not so packed. I like all the bars you name and CB is in that genre, plus it always gets ranked as one of the best burgers in the city.

          1. Hand-in-Hand with my chicken fingers posting. Take the A Train to 207th Street and Broadway. Across from Good Shephard Church is the best Burger/bar in town. Piper's Kilt. Bar area is so old school that it smells like old man bar--you know the type..and the old neighborhood regulars are there every night. Their burgers are to die for. No kidding! The Bronx Bomber is a classic..but my fave--Burger very rare with Swiss Cheese, Sauteed Onion and mushroom. I'm hungry now. Oh..and Dave the bartender likes HIS burgers topped with a fried egg. Try this place--you will go back for more!