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Nov 16, 2008 11:48 AM

Looking for Herbert's Houston Recommendations

Going to be in Houston this week, and I was thinking about swinging by Herbert's for some good andouille. Are there any "must haves" that I should pick up while I'm there?

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  1. Herbert's? Is that the meat market? If you are looking for good Cajun food, I would recommend the Ragin' Cajun on Richmond, or Pappadeux (although it's a bit chainy, their crawfish etoufee and their gumbo is pretty good)

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    1. re: Sebskal

      Yes, the meat market. I want andouille to take home and cook with, as I have a couple of great recipes that call for andouille. Plus, I can't seem to find any decent andouille here in DFW.

      I've been told that Herbert's has a rather extensive cajun selection, so I wanted to know if there are any "must haves" that I should pick up.

      1. re: FoodChic

        You should go to yelp or and see what others say about it. I haven't been, but I used to know a man name Hebert who had a restaurant, long time ago. I wonder if it's the same guy. Now I have to go get some stuffed quail!

        1. re: danhole

          Thanks, danhole! had great reviews. I'd love to try the Turducken, but I've heard so many "iffy" things that it makes my DH a bit uneasy. From that site the reviews of Herbert's turducken are very positive.

          1. re: FoodChic

            I believe it's called Hebert's Specialty Meats, no r in the name. As for restaurants, I used to be a big Ragin Cajun fan, but to me, their quality has gone down and the prices up. There are three restaurants I prefer over Ragin Cajun, Mardi Gras Bar and Grill, Bayou City Seafood, and Magnolia Bar and Grill. My wife had her wisdom teeth pulled today, and we went to Magnolia for a final meal, a fresh fried food orgy of oyster toast with marinara, (no longer on the menu but available), catfish pieces, and a seafood platter. I was particularly impressed with the stuffed crab, not your usual Sysco fiasco of mainly breading, but instead full of crabmeat and shrimp, plus nicely seasoned.

            1. re: James Cristinian

              It is Hebert's you are correct. It's me simply confusing the spelling with a food stand I knew as a kid call Herberts.

              1. re: FoodChic

                If their boudin is the same recipe as that at the original Hebert's in Mauriceville, LA, it is very good. (each to his/her own taste--I liked Hebert's boudin because it did not have the strong liver flavor of a lot of boudin)

            2. re: FoodChic


              you need to go to the houston yelp and read those 2 reviews:


              Oh, and it's pronounced "A bear"

              1. re: danhole

                Very funny. Good reviews. Thanks again, danhole!!

      2. I have only been to Hebert's twice, never tried the andouille. I will say their crawfish etouffee and shrimp etouffee are good but contain cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient which I didn't care for. Likewise their boudin which is more like a puree than I like it. I had a frozen crawfish pie from there but had to toss it after Ike so never got to taste it.

        For andouille you should check out Spec's Liquor Whse and Deli downtown where they'll have some Poche's products (frozen).

        Edit: Let me append my own question here for others: I've never tried any of their various stuffed poultry offerings (had Turducken once at a Christmas feast and don't care for the concept). How do Hebert's compare to La Boucherie's, which are available at many supermarkets around the area?

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        1. re: CBob56

          Thanks, CBob56. I appreciate the input!

        2. I typically keep the crawfish pie, shrimp pie, crawfish etouffe, crab meat au gratin, red beans (heavy on the smoked ham hock / light on the andoulle) and gumbo in my freezer. Boudan, stuffed shrimp, and stuffed jalapenos are marginal however I can't really recommend these last 3 items (yeah they're okay, just not wonderful). The pies are great for a quick meal when I don't want to cook and inexpensive to boot. Tried the stuffed chicken twice and can't recommend it nor would I buy it again.

          1. I've had the chickens stuffed with both crawfish and shrimp and loved both. I like the crawfish pies and the boudin balls, too. We're going to Houston over New Years and I look forward to loading up the cooler for the return trip!


              I know the Abraham family, they grew up across the street from us in Lake Charles and they have restaurants, grocery stores and they make their own boudin. Their crawfish boudin is THE best!!! I would recommend them. I've never been to Hebert's but it looks worth trying out.