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Nov 16, 2008 11:36 AM

Tipping the sushi chef? [moved from Manhattan board]

I don't have a lot of experience going to good sushi restos & I'm wondering if it is common/expected to tip the sushi chef in addition to the 15-20% added to the bill? I understand it's a nice gesture to buy him a drink, but is it expected in NYC to tip if one is at the counter after a omakase dinner?

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  1. Every Sushi place in America I've gone to usually has a glass jar somewhere on the sushi bar for tips to the sushi chefs. If you sit at the counter in NYC it is expected to tip in the jar. I usually throw in a couple of bucks into the jar, then still tip my usual twenty percent to the server. I see it as a gesture of thanks for getting to watch the artistry of the sushi masters as they prepare the various dishes they make!

    1. 10% to the chef if you are sitting at the bar.