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Nov 16, 2008 11:06 AM

Subbing powdered sugar for granulated?

Grrr. I'm out of granulated sugar, and the store near me is closed on Sundays. Will anything untoward happen if I use powdered instead of granulated sugar in a muffin recipe? I'd cut the flour back by a couple of tablespoons, as powdered sugar contains cornstarch.

Anyone tried this? Are my muffin prospects doomed until tomorrow?

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  1. They're doomed. Wait until you have granulated sugar, or go next door with a measuring cup and borrow some!

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    1. re: roxlet

      I agree. Granulated sugar helps to incorporate air as it is beaten with the butter or shortening.

    2. If you have brown sugar, sub that instead. You can substitute equal amounts by weight or volume for granulated.

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