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Nov 16, 2008 10:32 AM

Disappearing Posts?

I'm new to chowhound and have only been posting a few months on restaurants that interest me. I've been noticing that posts just disappear or the topic stays but half of the postings are gone just leaving a few. Is it chowhound that deletes the posts or readers themselves?

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    1. re: laylag

      thanks. i found it odd because none of things deleted were offensive to anyone.

    2. For the Chowhound Etiquette guidelines, see this post:

      For some reasons why posts and threads are deleted, see this post:

      Sometimes there can be a problem that you're not aware of with a post that you've replied to, but when we remove it, your reply is deleted along with it. It's not necessarily a reflection on what you posted.

      1. How can you find out if your post was deleted / moderated? Or, is its lack of presence just supposed to be enough notification?

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        1. re: vyieort

          You can see your recent posts by checking "My Posts" under the "My Chow" link on the navigation bar. Sometimes we move posts, so checking there will let you know if your post has been removed or just relocated.

          We try to email posters when we delete, but it's not always possible -- we have a very small team and a very large site. Generally if you've done something you need to be aware of we'll let you know.