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Nov 16, 2008 09:45 AM

Denver recommendations: 4 dinners in December

Hi Chowhounds. My foodie friend and I would like your suggestions for dinner venues in Denver the first week in December. We're attending a conference at the Sheraton Denver but will have a car for forays afield. We've identified a couple of restaurants (including Prima) but would prefer to hear real world experiences. Especially appreciated: good food and wine at reasonable prices. It's hard to be gourmets in a recession! ;-)

Thanks in advance.
Seattle Chowhounder

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  1. Hi Seattle Chowhounder -
    I am a former Seattlite now in Denver, so maybe if you tell me some places in Seattle that you like to eat, that will help narrow down the recommendations from me anyway?

    1. One I would suggest would be Beatrice and Woodsley. Luca and Mizuna are of course fantastic as well but a bit more expensive
      Hope this helps a little

      1. I was just in Denver last week, and was able to dine at Mizuna and Fruition. I enjoyed both, though I'd say that Mizuna was the stronger of the two; it was also quite a bit pricier however.


        As jwcolo mentioned, I've also heard good things about Beatrice and Woodsley as well. O's seems interesting.

        1. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I've checked them all out online (Kevin---awesome blog---thanks to you, I've squandered an hour on a culinary tour of Japan!). Mizuna is clearly in the running, even with the price point. The small plate menu is the only one I can access for Beatrice and Woodsley but it seems promising.

          SeattliteChower, my picks for modestly priced Seattle restaurants include Cafe Bizarro, Le Pichet, Lark, Shiro, the bar at Brasa, Machiavelli, and Cafe Campagne.

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            Thanks afrikando! If you're willing to splurge a bit on Mizuna, then you might also want to consider Kevin Taylor:

            1. re: afrikando

              If you can afford it I would definitly go to Mizuna Beatrice and woodsley is good but Mizuna and Luca are a level above.

              1. re: jwcolo

                I don't know that I agree with that, all due respect; though still new, B&W is IMO every bit as good as Luca d'Italia—not that it's so easy to compare, the one serving contemporary American small plates, the other nuovo(ish) Italian. You'll find full reviews of both on my blog.

                Both are, however, relatively pricey. Rather more affordable yet highly polished experiences are also to be had at Black Pearl, Deluxe, and Osteria Marco (owned by the same guy who owns Mizuna and Luca). As for downright cheap eats, this city is of course chock-full of great taquerias.

              2. re: afrikando

                Ok, that helps! I won't recommend seafood/sushi here with the great stuff you get in Seattle. Denver is a bit lacking in moderately-priced, it is more great cheap eats and pricey joints.

                Fruition remains my favorite place in Denver. I like Luca d'Italia but can't say it blew me away for the price. Haven't tried Mizuna or B&W yet. Marco's Coal-Fired Pizza has been getting good reviews. It sounds like you like bistro, check out Z Cuinsine. You also might check out Mexican since Seattle doesn't really do Mexican like they do here and it's reasonably-priced. I am loving the Colorado green chile since moving here! Run a search if you're interested in that.

                Enjoy your trip and report back on your experiences.

                1. re: SeattliteChower

                  You think? Again, not sure I agree with the statement about Denver's lack of moderately priced places...but it may depend on how we're defining that. For me, it's places where entrees remain in the teens-low twenties, and Denver has lots of those. I already mentioned my faves; I also really dig Table 6 and Buenos Aires Grill, and I get a kick out of bang!, whereas lots of others (I've not been yet) might add Vesta to the category.

                  Among slightlier pricier places that haven't been mentioned yet, there's always Rioja; I also finally got to Panzano recently and really enjoyed it.

                  1. re: SeattliteChower

                    Any tips for the Mexican to explore?

                    1. re: leland

                      38th is like Mexican Row....Tacos Jalisco, Santiago's, Chubby's, Los Carboncitos...Other board faves include Jack 'n' Grill, El Taco de Mexico, Tacos Patzcuaro, and Tacos y Salsas. Varying degrees of service/ambiance/heat...